Another Gonzalo carpet-bagger

Talking in front of a Union Jack flag, David Kurtain manages to slag off the loss of democracy in Ukraine based on its treatment of Gonzalo, and yet he’s in full support of the United Kingdom which has fostered the war in Ukraine from the get go, and along with the USA and the CIA, is responsible for the destruction of human life, civilization and democracy in Ukraine.

He clearly beieves he can square the circle, which demonstrates either he is another agent of UK intelligence – there are many others parading Union Jacks as they destroy the peoples of England, Scotland and Wales – or he is low IQ and doesn’t understand what he is on about.

Either way it’s unpleasant to see the likes of Kurtain and Ritter trying to climb on board Gonzalo’s brilliance.  It wouldn’t be so bad if they actually had something to add to the story other than speculation.  They’re simply carpet-baggers.  Until there is news, there is no news.  That in itself is hopeful as Ukraine is clearly embarassed by the Gonzalo Lira videos, and would doubtless show a picture of him had they detained him, not just attempt to post face-saving video.

As for Kurtain throw away that flag if you want to sound off about Ukrainian democracy.  Or look like an idiot if you prefer.  The England flag awaits, Robin Tilbrook and The Teds.

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2 Responses to “Another Gonzalo carpet-bagger”

  1. NPP says:

    David Kurten is speaking up for Gonzalo, addressing the situation as he sees it, but in front of the wrong flag?

    Where’s Robin Tilbrook’s video commenting on the same situation?

  2. Tapestry says:

    Why would Robin comment on Gonzalo. He is not a blogger looking for internet followers. He campaigns for English independence from the UK and wants a negotiated peace and an end to sanctions. I am a Ted and I comment on and follow Gonzalo and post his videos. Gonzalo would not be needed if England were not bound up in the UK banking war machine. Kurten adds nothing and campaigns for the war machine hoping for Gonzalo hits on his channel. Worse than useless, he’s part of the corrupt killing machine with a nice smile trying to sound like motherhood and apple pie.