1967 Hippie Love In

The believers and the non-believers battle it out.  It couldn’t be further away from today – lots of people thinking they’re having fun.  Everything’s free, says one.  End property rights, says another.  The word love is too commercial, says another.  There were no more reports like this on television even a week later – once the anti-war element expressed itself, and Hollywood disliked the honesty.  The reporter was never seen again.  David Silver was gone.


One Response to “1967 Hippie Love In”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    That type of thinking was not unusual then, even if only in a small minority of folk. I was a student in the late ’60’s at Nottingham uni and was very familiar with that mode of thought at the time. Great days!

    Even if the whole psychedelic drug thing was got up by Tavistock, CIA [ie UK] etc. As has been fairly conclusively proven now. Acid certainly did expand minds if used wisely