Whose side is Russia’s diplomatic corps on?

What’s the big surprise about the Turks giving back hundreds (or thousands?) of ultra hardcore AZOV nazis to Ukraine, where they will AGAIN be sent to kill Russian soldiers and civilians? Russia made a treaty with Turkey and Ukraine trading A COUPLE OF THOUSAND NAZIS for Medvedchuk. Russia got fucked when they signed the treaty, and double fucked when ukrops and ErDOGan broke it again today and laughed while they did it.

Do you understand why these AZOV monsters are so important to the NATO nazis and their ukrop lackeys? Do you know the skill AZOV nazis have that makes them special? Combat skill? No, they got their ass kicked in Mariupol, mostly by DPR Army units. Azov so brave? No, a couple of thousand of them SURRENDERED. They are not so skilled, or tough.

But the skill that they do have, the one that makes them invaluable to the nazis of the 21st century, is the ability to torture and kill innocent defenseless civilians, prisoners, human beings, to do it all day long, every day, and enjoy it. Whether they kill with an artillery cannon aimed at civilian areas or with a hatchet in some dungeon. You think it takes a lot of time and work to train an F-16 pilot? Think how long it takes to change a person into some creature who enjoys killing the innocent. Normal human beings are incapable, they simply cannot do it. But the AZOV nazis that just returned to Ukraine, they can do it, have done it, and now will do it again.

And Russia made a treaty that let them escape to Turkey, where they were to stay until “the end of the conflict”. The release of the AZOV nazis to Turkey was in fact, Russia’s greatest humiliation since the beginning of the SMO, until today, when it became known that Turkey has released these nazi psychopaths back to Ukraine. The return, BY RUSSIA, of nazis captured by the work, suffering, blood and death of DPR soldiers in Mariupol could only have led to the disgrace we see today.

One question – Can you name even ONE time since WWI that Russia diplomats didn’t get fucked by every “treaty” they ever signed? Von Ribbentrop? NATO “not one inch east”, Minsk I, Minsk II, the AZOV trade for Medvedchuk. And now this? AND WHAT NEXT?

“As goes Donbass, so goes the world.”

Russell Bentley