Who killed the Woodstock aged 27 musicians (and others)? And why?

On September 2, 1970, Canned Heat was scheduled to leave for Germany to begin a European tour. Partly due to the inconveniences preventing him from spending time outdoors, Wilson despised touring and travelling by plane. He often missed flights and the band would fly without him while he caught a later flight.[22] When he missed his September 2 flight, this did not raise any alarms, and Bob Hite assumed he was doing laundry to prepare for the tour. On September 3, 1970, Wilson was found dead in his sleeping bag on the hillside behind Hite’s Topanga Canyon home where he often slept. He was 27 years old. An autopsy identified his manner and cause of death as accidental acute barbiturate intoxication.[23] Although his death is sometimes reported as a suicide, this is not clearly established as he left no note, and there were four pills left in his pants found next to his body.[24]

Wilson’s death came fourteen months after the death of Brian Jones, just two weeks before the death of Jimi Hendrix, four weeks before the death of Janis Joplin, and ten months before the death of Jim Morrison, four artists who also died at the same age. Wilson was cremated, and on September 13, 1970 a memorial service was held at Menotomy Rocks Park in his hometown of Arlington. The service was led by Reverend Wilbur Canaday who said, “We are using the sky as a roof, and the ground as a floor, because he himself used nature’s great wonders as his home.” [25] Wilson’s ashes were later scattered in Sequoia National Park amongst the redwoods he deeply loved.  (Wikipedia)

Strangely even now the video of Al Wilson singing Going Up The Country doesn’t load here.  Great musician.  I guess these people made young people in the 1960s happy, rebellious minded and determined not to follow the system.  That was never going to do.  Al Wilson was highly intelligent, a brilliant musician and someone who had strong views – such as opposing the moon landings.  He stayed alone in a camper van using sleeping pills due to insomnia – an easy target for a covert assassination…I mean ‘suicide’.




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  1. FritzFreud says:

    27=9 x 3 = 3 x 3 x 3

  2. sovereigntea says:

    Playback on the video has been disabled by the video owner. Watch on Youtube

    WP will display this if the embed content is added to a post as txt rather than a simple link.

    Scott Ritter makes the point that this frequently happens to his Youtube videos when they achieve many views although without his admins setting the video parameters to “disabled by the video owner”.

    It appears to be yet another form of censorship employed by the data dictators.

  3. sovereigntea says:

    You Gotta Be Insane to Fly In Small Private Planes · Mojo Nixon


  4. sovereigntea says:

    Nik Turner’s Inner City Unit, Bones of Elvis,

    Elvis Presley, American dream,

    came from Memphis, Tenessee,

    All white black boy, loved his Mom,

    Packed a rod, popped Valium,

    Drove a Lorry, Became King,

    Made some records, learned to sing,

    Got ripped off by Uncle Sam,

    Joined the Army, became a Man,

    Made some Films, went to bed,

    Ate loads of Junk food, dropped down dead,

    TV Flash, Announcers say

    “Elvis the first has passed away”

    Millions of tears in ’77,

    they laid him down, in Hamburger Heaven

    Record sales went through the roof,

    (Colonel Tom is living proof)

    No-one needs a star that walks,

    No-one has to pay a corpse,

    Rake in profits, from the door,

    put a show on, in New York,

    Here he is in Disneyland,

    Playing another one night stand,

    Six Million Dollars has been spent, to make him President,

    We’re going to raise, the bones of Elvis,

    We’re going to raise, the bones of Elvis,