First published on December 5, 2022


The “New World Order” (NWO) is a  social engineering project aimed at reshaping human civilization on Planet Earth in its every aspect, to suit the selfish interests of a small group of billionaires obsessed by greed for power and profit. But also – and no less so – obsessed by their fear of violent hungry and deprived masses ransacking and destroying their properties. And eager to display how superior they are to 99.99 % of their fellow humans – and their ability to beat both Nature, the Universe, and Divine Consciousness at the eternal game of Creation.  

The NWO idea grew out of John D. Rockefeller’s business idea, hatched already around 1900, to take on health care and make a global monopoly of medical science. Just as he had already created a virtual global monopoly of the petroleum business.

Rockefeller’s brilliant but sneaky self-serving initiative took the guise of a non-profit institution in order to escape taxes and at the same time gain respect, if not popularity, instead of the anger and hate his ruthless business methods had earned him until then.

And what better way of taking control of medical research, education and practice? – All under the guise of generously donating fortunes for the benefit of the masses – and of Science. While tailoring it all to his own strictly-for- profit business model. Which has resulted in Big Pharma ́s secret mantra “Every cured patient is a lost customer” becoming a fundamental principle of modern Western school medicine. It does not offer any cures, only life-long treatments by patented and high priced, synthetic pharmaceutical drugs and surgery with a long list of potentially fatal side effects that need additional drugs.

By creating the “non-profit” Rockefeller Foundation in 1913 “to alleviate human suffering world wide”, his oil billions became exempt of taxation, and could be used to discretely control almost anything he wanted to take over, through outright purchases or bribes, or through donations with specific conditions, or through influencing Boards of Directors and other decision makers. Scientists, research and publications were bought, and politicians were funded and made to change legislations to favor Rockefeller business interests. 

The Rockefeller family controls Chase Manhattan Bank and The First National City Bank. Chase Manhattan is the third largest banking establishment in the world and, according to Wikipedia, by far the most influential. 

This means they also own a major chunk of “The Federal Reserve”, the privately owned US central bank created through a coup in Congress on December 23, 1913, when the majority of congressmen and senators had already left for their Christmas holiday.

To a great extent, therefore, Rockefeller interests control global finance, such as interest rates, and the printing of fiat dollars, which is counterfeit money on a massive scale. The Federal Reserve therefore has the power to cause stock market booms and busts, as well as financial crises leading to recessions and depressions at will. They have used that power several times. And are deep into it right now, as I am writing this in October of 2022. 

The Rockefeller social engineering project was first documented in 1910 with the Flexner Report, 3 years before the creation of the Rockefeller Foundation. It was about reforming and controlling medical education in the US and Canada. 

Realizing that their plan would need support from public opinion to become successful, they began to focus on influencing and shaping the thoughts and opinions of the general population. 

On the one hand they targeted the educational system in general, from kindergarten and all the way through the Universities. This meant getting children into the hands of specially trained nurses and pre-school teachers, who would make sure all children were properly indoctrinated, practically from birth.

The way to get women to abandon their traditional role as first and foremost mothers, housewives and home-makers, was first to change people ́s perception of value and happiness. 

Traditional values favored nature, family bonds, motherhood and cooperation in agricultural communities. In pre-Rockefeller society most male full- time income earners could normally support a whole family with often many children. Now, such an earner may not have had the privilege of working only 40 hours a week. Nor would the family have enjoyed all sorts of technical wonders, gadgets or games, nor cars or boats. Neither were they able to buy new fashionable clothes four times a year, or travel abroad on holidays. 

So, in order to shape children’s minds as early as possible into accepting Rockefeller’s industrial world model, and help create an expanded source of both workers and customers for the new industries of the wealthy ”elite”, it was necessary from the Rockefeller point of view to make women want to compete with men in the workplace and earn as much money as men. That’s why they launched the Feminist movement.

The means to achieve this was to take control of news media, and also to use entertainment and games, including Hollywood movies, to reshape people ́s perception of what is important in life. All in subtle indirect ways over time, so that very few people have been aware of the programming and mind control they have been exposed to.

Women leaving their homes to work for industry was a mortal blow to the closely knit family structure that was the traditional basis of society. 

We now take for granted that women should have the liberty to choose what they want to do with their lives. The problem is that, due to this social programming, they would now feel guilty or less worth, if they decide they want to dedicate themselves to children, home and family. 

We should not underestimate the importance for society of women’s traditional role as educators of their children during the crucial first 7 years of life.

And no less so as wise influencers of their husbands. And not least as guardians of the wisdom and experiences of previous generations, passed down from mothers and grandmothers to their children during childhood. An invaluable source of knowledge and – above all – wisdom, now largely lost in favor of kindergarten schooling and modern media’s commercial propaganda and political indoctrination. 

The value system our society is built on was then slowly changed from patriot, emotional, moral, spiritual and communal, to focusing on maximum money and power through individual competition in a global setting. 

Even so, the newly created materialists are expected to obey authority. Not question what they are taught. Not think for themselves. The Rockefeller educational plan never intended them to be anything other than reliable and easily manageable cogs in the wheels of the global wealthy elite ́s industries and political power structures. Never mind hypnotic repetitions of the mantras Democracy and Equality, increasingly meaningless.

David Rockefeller wrote in his autobiography: 

“We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. 

The supernational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.” 


The Rockefeller and Gates families have been close allies for several generations. And the Carnegie, Mellon and Ford foundations have also cooperated closely with the Rockefeller projects.

Among the various fundaments of the New World Order is the ability to control access to both energy and food. Without energy the entire industrial and financial structure grinds to a halt. And without food, the population becomes easy to control. 

Henry Kissinger, one of the staunchest propagators of the NWO project, and close collaborator with the Rockefellers, has famously remarked that who controls oil (then synonymous with energy) controls the governments of the world, and who controls the food supply, controls the people. 

I think it was also Kissinger who coined the term “useless eaters” referring to the broad masses, that will no longer be required as workforce and servants for the “Elite”, when robots, computers and AI will do all productive work more cheaply and more reliably than humans. Who should therefore be eliminated by one means or another, before starving masses become a threat to the “Elite”.

If we look closely, we’ll find that the GROWTH of the world population has slowed down in the last century for several reasons. If we look even closer, we shall find that it has slowed down much more in the economically developed countries than in the so called “developing” (previously “under-developed”) countries. Which is easily explained by people in “developed” countries choosing to have fewer children. Which, in turn, is due to more education, increased awareness, more choices on how to spend their increased income. But also to less infant mortality and less need to depend on their children in old age. 

Looking closer still, we find “culling” of population already active, even if we cannot know for sure how much of it has been done specifically with that intention. The principal means by which it has been happening, are: 

1)  More or less constant warfare, estimated to have killed around 100 million people since 1914.

2)  Rockefeller Medicine’s drugs, surgery and vaccinations estimated to have killed at least 50 million people since WW1, the vast majority of whom in the last 40 years.

3) Industrially produced food causing metabolic illness such as cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart attacks etc. is deemed to have caused incalculable millions of premature deaths during the last century. 

One of the most insidious and dangerous of Rockefeller power plays to dominate the world and reduce population is the genetic manipulation of food (GMO). A global campaign has been going on since 1990 to lure farmers to use GMO seeds that do not produce viable new seeds and therefore have to be bought from the manufacturers every year. The result have been disastrous and tragic for the farmers. 

GMO research on mice have shown that those fed GMO products develop cancer, and their second or third generation offspring becomes infertile. They have even produced a GMO maize (corn) with a anti-sperm ingredient that makes men sterile. Surprised, anyone? 

The final execution plan for the NWO was launched in 1990 after the fall of the Berlin wall and the Soviet Empire. Once the US deep state, aka the globalist mafia, got rid of its only real opponent, the Soviet Union, they saw the way open to 

finally claim control of the entire planet. 

So, on 9/11 of 1990, exactly to the day 11 years before their 9/11 false flag terrorist act in New York City, Papa Bush announced in a voice trembling with emotion the launch of the New World Order, that would make the world into a paradise of “peace, affluence and the Rule of Law” for everybody, under one benevolent world government. 

This was the starting signal for 30 years of preparation  of the global coup that was finally set off with the Covid tale of the Emperor ́s New Virus, officially launched on March 11, 2020. Please observe the intentional choice of date for this announcement. March 11 is the polar opposite in the calendar of 9/11, and several other major state terrorist acts from the same source have also occurred on March 11. No coincidence. 

1992 was a key year for the New World Order agenda, with several long term, falsely labeled projects being launched.
Here some of the operations put into action: 

1) The most publicly and globally promoted of these projects was the so-called Agenda 21, where the number refers to the 21st century as a whole. It was the result of the United Nations conference in Rio de Janeiro in June of 1992, on the initiative of David Rockefeller and under the chairmanship of his “right hand”, the Canadian oil magnate and politician Maurice Strong. 

Its full name was “the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, and the Statement of principles for the Sustainable Management of Forests”, and it was adopted by 178 Governments. The majority of them probably had no clue of what its real purpose was. 

It was an agenda built on the 100% false claim that the world was in dire danger from man-made “global warming”, caused by the human and livestock populations. And promoted with the help of a fear-mongering campaign, commissioned from former US vice president Al Gore, none of whose scary predictions are occurring. Contrary to what globalist media ́s fake news tries to make you believe. 

The idea of global warming justifying world government goes all the way back to 1968 when the Club of Rome was formed by David Rockefeller and two others. The next step on that road was the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm in June 1972 when Olof Palme was Prime Minister of Sweden. Incidentally the Rio conference in June 1992 was programmed to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Stockholm conference which had also been organized by Maurice Strong on behalf of David Rockefeller. 

Another “climate conference” was held in Stockholm in June of 2022, to celebrate the 50-years anniversary of the original Stockholm conference of 1972. 

The UN, the EU, and many similar organizations were all created on a Rockefeller initiative for the ultimate purpose of creating a New World Order with One Global Government. 

2) In 1992 the World Economic Forum began a program to train people from all over the world who already were, or aspired to become, politicians or high-level public servants. 

The secret goal was to infiltrate the governments and centers of power in every country in the world with ambitious and obedient globalist puppets, much like “Manchurian candidates”. 

They would grasp the power to execute the global coup in their respective country, ordering lockdowns and making sure everybody was duly “vaccinated”. All of it supported by an intense fear campaign, whipped up by globally controlled mainstream media. 

Some public figures considered powerful influencers in business, sports, entertainment etc, were also included among the trainees. Notably the people controlling Facebook and YouTube. 

Even members of royal families were recruited. King Charles III of the United Kingdom, while still Prince of Wales, is one of them, and so are the heirs to the Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian thrones. 

To date many thousand ”young” men and women aged between 38 and 44 have completed this training, directly aimed at getting them elected as presidents or prime ministers, or appointed ministers or heads of important government departments in every country of the world. They are instructed to betray their constituents who trusted them enough to vote for them, and instead obey orders from WEF. Orders that violate constitutions and legal protection of citizens, along with inalienable human rights and freedoms. Not to mention political party programs that got them elected into power. In actual fact, this amounts to

High Treason and Genocide.

Here are some of the governments around the world that have been infiltrated and “infected” by the WEF virus: 

The USA, Canada, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Argentina, Costa Rica, Haiti, Australia, New Zealand, Tanzania and South Africa, some more virulently than others. The list is far from complete. 

Jurisdictions and judges have also been infiltrated, so that attempts by brave people to prosecute the traitors are set to fail. 

Besides WEF´s network targeting government levels, they also have in place a global network of young people called Global Shapers who work on provincial and municipal levels to push for Agenda 2030. There are over 10,000 of them working via nearly 500 “hubs” in 149 countries! 

Sweden was, surprisingly, one of the first countries to get a kind of globalist puppet regime under Carl Bildt, already in 1990, even before the WEF ́s Young Global Leaders program was formally initiated in 1992. 

3) Meanwhile, a global consolidation of media outlets, both TV channels and press, has been going on by globalist media consortiums, to the point that now almost all media all over the world are owned by only six multi-billionaire owner consortiums, all of which are aggressively in the globalist camp. The same goes for the news agencies, like Reuter ́s and Associated Press (AP), whose news are copied word for word by media all over the world. 

That ́s how the response to the created Covid “pandemic” could be so swift and coordinated in implementing uncalled for dictatorial restrictions and control measures all over the world. Measures that in many cases directly violated both generally accepted scientific opinion, human rights, current laws, and even the very constitutions of their respective countries. Purposefully wrecking the world economy, and the personal economy of all but the wealthy. 

4) Part of the plan was to infiltrate Muslim communities, via imams, mosques and schools, to create fanaticism that would cause conflicts. 

This provides false culprits for false-flag state terrorism, such as 9/11, and justifies increased control and restrictions. 

Osama bin Laden was a CIA asset, whose whereabouts was known at all times. 

He was not brutally murdered by Obama and Hillary on foreign soil without any proof of guilt or legal procedure, as they bragged all those years later. The reason for that publicity stunt and the time chosen for it, will have been to gain popular support as national heroes in the then upcoming presidential elections. 

Osama died from kidney disease. The videos later shown with him were fakes. 

The other side of this coin – the strategy to rule by dividing – “Divide et impera” – is to plant fear and hatred in western populations against Muslims through media reporting, in order to get public support for aggressions against Muslim countries. This has been going on since 1990, beginning with the first Gulf war and the creation, by the CIA and Pentagon, of the false flag Al Qaida terrorist organization they could then blame for their own secret terrorist acts. 

In 1990 Papa Bush orchestrated the first “Gulf war”, invading Iraq after inciting Saddam Hussein to claim part of Kuweit – That was a signal for “the West” to start looking at Muslim countries as enemies, even when they had previously been allies. All to satisfy Israel. Big exception being Saudi Arabia. Follow the money! And don ́t forget that it was the US that installed and supported Saddam Hussein as dictator of Iraq. And that Saddam had dutifully fought a long and dirty proxy war with Iran on behalf of the US, Britain and Israel. 

It ́s also only since 1990 that Muslim fundamentalism has flourished with demands for Sharia law, terrorist attacks, certain dress requirements for women, such as always wearing Hijab, even for little girls in elementary school. 

1990 is also when terrorist acts became more common. In my opinion the vast majority of them have been “planted” by CIA or other US-sponsored organizations. Each such event has offered the US globalists a new justification to increase control, restrictions and prohibitions, which are imposed on other countries as well, and move us all one step closer to the final takeover by the New World Order. 

All this fits in with US General Wesley Clark’s revelation in 2003 of the plan by the US Ministry of “Defense” to “take out” seven (7) Muslim countries within five years in the Middle East and North- Eastern Africa. Starting with Iraq and finishing with Iran. Not counting Afghanistan. 

Now we see how this global coup has been planned, step by step, pervading every government, including provincial, municipal and NGO levels, in nearly all signatory countries of Agendas 21 and 2030. 

Fortunately for Russia and the world, the US plan failed that assumed they could just step in and take over the entire Soviet Empire with all its vast resources. They had not counted on Yeltsin appointing Putin his successor in a moment of soberness, when he realized what the Americans were trying to do with his Russia. But the NWO launch had been done 10 years previously, and the project proceeded as scheduled in spite of Russia, 9/11 and all, till the crucial Covid moment in late 2019 – early 2020. 

Losing control of Russia was a shock to the US  doctrine  for global supremacy and total domination, and now we understand why the US Deep State hates Putin with such venomous intensity. Simply because he defended his country and stopped the US from taking over and destroying it. Without a single shot, and without destroying a single other country. 

Compare that to the long list av countries the US has destroyed, and the millions upon millions of innocent people who have died or had their lives entirely ruined by the American war machine in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and elsewhere. 

Putin’s surgically measured invasion of Ukraine was directly and intentionally provoked by the Biden government on behalf of the globalist mafia. After two decades of  continuous aggressive provocations by NATO. Far from unprovoked as Western globalist media claim. 

NATO has expanded to almost twice its size after the collapse of the Soviet empire, in blatant violation of a formal promise by the US not to move it a single inch to the East of Germany. NATO, no longer a defence organisation, has been creeping right up to the Russian frontiers with nuclear missile ramps and tried to achieve power or control over neighboring former Soviet republics, set up by the West as independent border states around Russia upon the dissolution of the Soviet empire. 

Western media driving the NWO narrative hide the fact that the US government staged a coup in Ukraine in 2014 against democratically elected President Yanukovych, who had to flee to Russia to save his life. Instead, the present president Zelenskyy was installed by the US government which de facto rules Ukraine since then. It has brought vast amounts of U/S weaponry including nuclear-abled missiles right up to the Russian border, not far from Moscow. 

To get a perspective on this, imagine how the US would react, if Putin did the same thing on the US border with Canada or Mexico! 

One aspect of Washington´s war-provoking policies is the fact that most people behind political decisions of the US, all make billions on every war, as shareholders of the weapons industries, and they always make sure all their wars are on different continents from their own. From their safe US mansions they have been heard calling US soldiers “dumb cannon fodder”, as they are sent to die in other parts of the world so that their stock market profits may multiply. 

Putin has respected international conventions and treaties, as opposed to the US. He has also patiently tried to get to terms with the US through reason and negotiations, but the US has refused to negotiate. It has continued its breech of agreements and relentless provocations until Putin saw no other way to protect his people and country than invading Ukraine,  toot to conquer it, but to 

1)  defend ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine, who have been subject to relentless warfare, bordering on genocide, by the US-controlled Ukraine government ever since the US took over by the coup in 2014.

2)  close down the many bioweapon laboratories the US has established, funded and partially staffed in Ukraine, some of them also very close to the Russian border. Which he tries to do as carefully as possible, respecting the safety of the civilian population. Contrary to globalist propaganda.

As we now well know, the first victim of a war is the Truth. 

These laboratories work on illegal biological warfare, outlawed by international agreements. And they are clearly directed against the Russian people. It has been leaked that one of the things these high-risk laboratories are working with, is infectious agents that only attack specific ethnicities or genotypes, and are airborne, even spread by mosquitoes. And it is known that these laboratories have been collecting Russian DNAs. This is in the category of genocide and crimes against Humanity. 

Agenda 2030 is the first major interim goal on the way to completing Agenda 21, which refers to the entire 21st century. 

Fascinating how globalists plan for centuries ahead, isn’t it? Do they think they will become immortal before that, so they can enjoy it in their present body? I wouldn’t be surprised. I know some have bought a new service to have their dead bodies frozen in the expectation of a new technology that can eventually wake them up from death and rejuvenate them to a new digitally turned-on existence.  What a waste of money! pastedGraphic.png

Some of the plans of the WEF globalist mafia have leaked out and become common knowledge among those of us who have access to independent truthful information.

Still very few realize the true purpose of the “vaccines”. Apart from that of gradually killing us off, and make the rest infertile. 

The prime reason to stage the fake “pandemic” was to force “every man, woman and child on the planet” to get “vaccinated”. 

The truth is that these “vaccines” are NOT vaccines at all. They do not correspond to the established medical definition of a vaccine, nor to its legal definition. Besides, it has now been acknowledged that they neither prevent those injected from catching Covid or any other type of influenza, nor prevent them from spreading the infection. 

Regardless, and in spite of a massive number of deaths and serious health injuries caused by these injections, WEF-hijacked health authorities everywhere keep trying to force everybody to get injected with them, not just once, nor twice. In Sweden we are at our 5th “shot” for the ”elderly and frail”, if I haven ́t lost count. And now the tune is “new season, new injection”, every 4 months. 

Moderna, one of the “vaccine” manufacturers sponsored by the US government, has called it “a biological operating system” and it is a new kind of genetic manipulation technique the long term consequences of which have NOT been investigated, and are impossible to know. Quite apart from the fact that some of the ingredients are kept secret! 

What HAS become known by independent analysis – though of course denied by its pushers – is that it contains electronic self-assembling nano-particles, not declared on the list of ingredients, able to both receive and send all kinds of signals and information by 5G frequencies. Which is why the Internet of Things now is called The Internet of Things and Bodies! 

So, dear friends, the true purpose of this WEF coup, is to reduce the world population – and especially the non-white, undeveloped “useless eaters” whom they no longer need in their world, since the vast majority of all jobs are now done by robots, computers and AI software, which do the work faster, better and cheaper. And they don ́t have families, nor need to eat, sleep, rest or take holidays. Or stage protests. 

The few people allowed to survive to serve the WEF “Elite” will “own nothing and be happy” as they are crammed on top of each other in minute apartments in new “smart cities”. 

Holy Nature will be off limits for all, except the “Elite” themselves, who will be free to rape it for their own gain or pleasure. All according to Agenda 2030, which practically all governments have agreed to. 

The globalist rulers leave nothing to chance: the self-assembling electromagnetic nanobots they secretly inserted into their “vaccines” give them complete control of everybody. Via the 5G technology they are now able to send subtle signals to influence our moods, health, beliefs, feelings etc., either collectively or individually, and even “turn us off” when we no longer serve any purpose for them. In other words kill us. 

We are all now frogs in a fast heating water pot, about to reach the boiling point of no return. Do we decide to jump out of that pan we ́ve been lured into, before we are cooked and consumed for dinner by the coup-maker globalist “Elite”? 



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Jens Jerndal, M.D.(MA), M.Sc.(Econ.), D.Sc.h.c., is Former Professor of Holistic Medicine.

Featured image is from Shutterstock