Watching the watchers

In the Book of Enoch, the ‘Watchers’ (Aramaic עִירִין, iyrin) patrol planet Earth to watch over us humans. However, mis-translations in the Bible describes them as ‘Angels’ and THAT is just one of several very important mis-translations which we investigate in our TV series.


However, the ‘Watchers’ did not just ‘watch’ stone-age Mankind – these Watchers genetically manipulated early humans.

That is also in the Bible – and is also airbrushed out of history.

The Watchers seduced and raped the CHILDREN OF CAIN – these people were descended from Eve in the garden of Eden – some Hebrew dictionaries suggest that Eve was raped by a serpent-like being who is later described as having arms and legs.

Humanoid vampires, such as LILITH, appear from nowhere…

The fact that these ‘sons’ of God raped Earth women and jumped the biological gene barrier – creating the hybrid Nephilim – suggests that these were very powerful beings, who are likely to view common man, known as ‘Adam’ in Hebrew, as a slave creature who could be genetically bred into a wholly new human species.

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The Fallen Angels impregnated human women and bred many genetic experimental humanoids.

The angels took sides and staged wars using atomic weapons. They militarised and brainwashed some early peoples, turning man against man…

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One Response to “Watching the watchers”

  1. FritzFreud says:

    Anu = the Sun
    Anunaki = The Children of the Sun
    Nibiru = The Planet of the Crossing.
    Building a Bridge between the sun and earth and other planets.
    Passover = when Nibiru passed over / Crossed over the Earth bringing with it the Anunaki Children of the sun
    Not Reptilians..
    Draco… Energy beings.

    We are the Reptilians… i.e. Genetically modified Therapoda.
    Everyone can still feel the phantom tail we used to have.
    Genetically Modified with the Mind of our creator race the Anunaki.
    Educated for self Destruction.

    Nibiru passed over us a few years ago… it was then called omuamua.
    Nobody noticed.
    That was just before they started Covid and all this madness like the Great Reset.
    It all adds up together.