Verified – China Spy Balloon Using US Tech & Not Spying After All

What picture did the BBC paint on 5th Feb 2023  ?


Will BBC disinfo expert Marianna Spring ever explain this distorted BBC propaganda ?

Actual Picture Below – Does This Look Like A Balloon Or An Airship ?

The US shootdown of the Chinese balloon using a $400,000 missile.

Master of the humiliating defeat Ben Wallace also chipped in…

Chinese spy balloons have likely spied on UK and ‘would have been shot down too’

UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace confirmed it’s highly likely that Chinese high-altitude spy balloons – like the one shot down off the coast of North Carolina last week – have soared over Britain and collected intelligence signals from below

The State Department official, providing details to reporters by email, also on condition of anonymity, said an analysis of the balloon debris was “inconsistent” with China’s explanation that it was a weather balloon that went off course. The US is reaching out to countries that have also been targeted, the official said.

State Department spokesman Ned Price would not identify the other countries the US says have also been targeted.


NBC- HONG KONG — The suspected Chinese spy balloon that flew over the United States early this year used commercially available, off-the-shelf technology that was American-made, according to three U.S. officials familiar with preliminary findings by the FBI.

The officials said the Biden administration first suspected the balloon could be carrying U.S.-made equipment or parts in the first hours after it was detected and that it had sent aircraft to check it out and take photos. They said those suspicions had been confirmed by analysis of debris that was recovered after the balloon was shot down by the U.S. military Feb. 4.


Military Review News

Pentagon spokesman: Chinese balloon shot down in February was not engaged in espionage activities over US territory
Today, 08: 10

The American public, as it turns out, was puzzled by Pentagon spokesman Patrick Ryder when he spoke about the progress of the investigation into the flight of a Chinese balloon in US airspace. Recall that earlier, literally all major American officials said that the balloon was “spyware.” And President Biden, calling Chinese President Xi Jinping a dictator the other day, in the same speech said that “the Chinese probe was the size of two wagons and carried a large amount of spy equipment.” Then Biden added that “the spy balloon was shot down” and that “the United States will continue to improve its security.”

And this is a statement from Brigadier General Patrick Ryder:

The Chinese balloon had filming equipment, but did not engage in espionage activities during its flight over the United States. He did not collect information, experts found out during the investigation.

Recall that the American F-22 fighter shot down a Chinese weather balloon on February 4 off the coast of South Carolina after it flew from west to east through the airspace of the United States. And then President Biden proudly declared that this was done on his personal orders.

Now, it turns out that with his statement, the official of the Pentagon actually puts the President and the Supreme Commander in “a puddle”. Joe Biden’s claims that a spy balloon flew over the US in February have been debunked. And this is at least a reputational blow to the current US president, if, of course, one can even talk about the reputation of a person like Biden.

Moreover, Washington will now have to compensate for the damage caused to China as a result of a strike on a weather balloon. And by and large – to send a letter with an official apology to Beijing. But will the authorities of the United States do it…