URGENT – Home Schooling ( Home Educating ) under threat? Consultation Deadline July 20th.

A government consultation has been brought to my attention that looks to be a very positive thing… until you read between the lines.

Is this a power grab from the state to remove the rights of parents to home educate their children?

Is home schooling under threat?

In this video we look at what Save Our Rights say, and look at the questions in the consultation.

This is an important subject – links below for you to have your say, but do it soon – there isn’t much time.




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3 Responses to “URGENT – Home Schooling ( Home Educating ) under threat? Consultation Deadline July 20th.”

  1. danceaway says:

    I decided to tackle this and have submitted it.

    It is not terribly long, but it uses confusing language, and it is written/ constructed with the presumption that what it is proposing is desireable, whereas that is questionable at best.

    If one approaches it with that in mind, then it becomes easier to navigate.

    At the outset it starts from the presumption that one is involved in education, but one can simply state parent or grandparent or concerned citizen for example. Don’t let it intimidate you. They are out to capture and confine the large number of children who have been withdrawn from schools by their parents.

    Bear in mind the sex and relationship education being rolled out nationwide, for allowing parents to withdraw their children is an important parental right which they will undoubtedly wish to deny.

  2. Belyi says:

    How can they talk about ‘children missing education’, if they’re being educated at home? They’re not missing education at all and in fact are mostly ahead of their peers.

  3. newensign says:

    The thing to be remembered when dealing with the authorities is not use or answer to the legal term Parent (pair paying rent) but father and mother. Nor use Child or Children – but sons and daughters. Only use education or educating, never Schooling or School.