UN Ambassador Dimitry Polyanskiy and Scott Ritter Discussion Post NATO Summit

This was a Live Stream; Scott and the Ambassador do not arrive immediately, so scroll forward to perhaps the 30 minute mark or further; Scott arrives first, and begins speaking, and soon the Ambassador arrives, and it is worth the wait to have the opportunity to listen to the Ambassador speak at length on a variety of topics in his excellent, fluent English.

They speak on a variety of topics including the war, and lastly about the Nato Conference just concluded. Lori asks about the origins of NATO; ” Nato was built on a hatred of Russia. Nazi Officers worked for Nato; the German industrial base continued; the CIA is at the heart of what is happening in Ukraine”. Just a few of the points Dimitry and Scott raised.

Hopefully this video does not get removed; it is an exceptional opportunity to hear the Ambassador and Scott in conversation, and particularly to hear the Ambassador speak at such length. Fascinating.






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4 Responses to “UN Ambassador Dimitry Polyanskiy and Scott Ritter Discussion Post NATO Summit”

  1. Tapestry says:

    Dmitry Polyanskiy is a figure who commands the respect of millions of people, withstanding shocking levels of abuse at the UN from those who want Russia destroyed. He is though not the Ambassador unless very recently promoted. Maybe he has been? But a week ago he was described as the Deputy Ambassador. He is a true patriot and a great man, with no time for the untruths of the West and their agents wherever they are located.

  2. danceaway says:

    Yes, Tap, I believe you are correct in saying that Dimitry is the Deputy; I can picture the Ambassador. The panel members addressed him as Ambassador, but perhaps it was out of courtesy and respect. Scott certainly felt it was an honour to be given the opportunity to interact with Dimitry in this way. I, too, was left with the feeling that it would an incredible honour to be able to know this man; his intelligence, his humanity, even his understanding of the colloquiums of the English language and his fluency in using them made this one of the most educational and rewarding conversations I have had the privilege to hear. My respect for the Russian people such as Dimitry just continues to escalate. And shame for those who pretend to represent us in the West is almost overwhelming.

    • ian says:

      very eloquently said D’, I totally agree, but could never have worded it so articulately. Well said.