ULEZ – CALL TO ACTION: Keep pressure on Khan

CALL TO ACTION: Keep pressure on Khan
Judge rules in Khan’s favour – but public do not want ULEZ expansion and this is far from over!
The Judicial Review on the ULEZ (“Ultra Low Emission Zone”) expansion brought by the London boroughs of Hillingdon, Bexley, Bromley and Harrow, along with Surrey County Council against Mayor Khan’s proposed expansion of ULEZ on 29 August has been unsuccessful.
Judicial Reviews are focussed on narrow, technical legal questions. The courts are one thing but it’s what the people on the ground believe and need that matters. The public continue to be excluded from the decision making.
Khan’s own “consultation” found 65% of the public did not want this scheme but he rejected the result.
We are going to keep challenging this attack on Londoners and our neighbours and we need to do it together. As we’ve said many times this will influence the whole of the UK… and as the surprise Uxbridge by-election result showed, this is far from over!
We call on you to write, speak to and pressure your MPs and councillors. Please also sign up to https://stopulez.net if you haven’t yet done so.
No matter where you are in the UK, email your local councillor, Transport Secretary Mark Harper and your MP – as well as the Mayor of London and Transport for London (even if you don’t live in London, as a potential visitor you can have a say).
If you live in Greater London, please also email your London Assembly members.
Step 1: Here’s where to send your messages
a) Find your local MP’s contact email HERE
2) Send a message to your local councillors HERE
3) Email Transport Secretary Mark Harper at:
4) Use the online form HERE to send a message to the London Mayor
5) Contact Transport for London via their online form HERE
6) (If you live in Greater London) Send a message to all your London Assembly members HERE
Step 2: Write your message
It’s always best if you can write your own – but you can use our template below as a starting point
  • Important – if writing to your MP, be sure to include your address, so they know you’re a constituent
  • Where you have to use a subject line, use one such as:
  • I strongly object to the ULEZ expansion
Following on from the Judicial Review result, I wish to express deep concern about the ULEZ expansion in Greater London which is due to begin on 29 August.
Mayor Khan’s ULEZ expansion plans will severely impact freedoms and mobility and undermine people’s ability to earn a living. In the context of the current Cost-of-Living Crisis, this will impact the poor most, and what happens in London threatens to influence the whole UK.
When Mayor Khan ran a consultation 65% voted against the ULEZ expansion. A result he has ignored.
Everyone concerned by this should be trying to stop the ULEZ expansion, by joining the Stop ULEZ Coalition via the website https://stopulez.net and putting pressure on the Mayor directly.
Step 3: Post on social media
Use or adapt our text below – try to tag your MP in as well, if you can
The public don’t want ULEZ expansion and we will stand together to make sure our voices are heard. Sign here to join us: https://stopulez.net
@MayorofLondon @transportgovuk @Mark_J_Harper @londoncouncils @lgacomms @tfl
Note: these tags work on Twitter, but may need adjusting for other social media. 
That’s all on this for today – thank you!
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