Type 1 and Type 2 Police

We see the two different types of police.

Type 1. Clumsy, slow, getting beat by Antifa Terrorists, just staying around and watching crime happen.

Type 2. Mk Ultra driven, trained and without remorse to use brutal force on civilians.

We saw type 2 often in the pandemic protests.

The Globalists prepared for the “transformation” a long time ago.

They knew what will coming and build up forces to slay us down.Training camps in Norge, Sweden, Finske, for special police forces were formed already 15 years ago. The argument was the fight against Terrorism.

Later we learned, that they train methods to destroy bigger movements, riots, unrest in the society. Frankly spoken, to destroy the resistance of the people against the totalitarian laws.

Jan Vollgod  vk.com comment below this post

Again, the police in the Netherlands are using force on civilians who are demonstrating. The Gestapo like methods, like during the COVID on the Museum square in Amsterdam. Yesterday there was a farmers protest, which was forbidden by the police, so many farmers couldn’t enter “den Haag”. But they say they will come back and use “other” methods!
Sonja Van Den Ende on vk.com

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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Re France there is a very high % of looting videos that seeming to be the primary objective.

    In many videos it is also possible to identify the squad leaders directing the mob often with a timely tug to the arm redirecting those who are distracted to the primary objective.
    e.g at 12 secs squad leader re-directs man with pole away from big white T shirt guy. This would suggest the usual spooky dark actors at work.

    These troubles fit the prophetic references to “time of troubles” in the 2010 video Visions of a Sustainable World
    Note how the pro globalist “Great Transition” has now morphed into the “Great Reset”

    Feb 15, 2010
    This 10 minute video presents highlights of an interview with Dr. Paul Raskin about his views on the pathways necessary to achieve a sustainable planetary civilization in the near-term future. Dr. Raskin posits that a global citizens movement and a Copernican shift in how humans perceive their relationship to earth are both necessary. Dr. Raskin is the President and Founder of the Tellus Institute, the Founder of the Global Scenario Group, and a leader of the Great Transition Initiative. The interview is a companion to the Visions of a Sustainable World Speaker series at Yale, which brings scholars and practitioners to campus to help articulate positive, concrete visions of a sustainable global future and roadmaps for getting there.

    Great Transition: The Promise and Lure of the Times Ahead examines the possibilities for a sustainable and desirable world. The essay describes the historic roots, future perils, and alternative pathways for world development and advances the Great Transition path as the preferred route, identifying strategies, global actors, and values for a new agenda.