Tobias wants UK (and NATO) boots on the ground in Ukraine

Alex confesses to never having heard of Tobias Ellwood; he needs to listen to UKColumn more often, for he is often mentioned and quoted there!

Alexander explains that Tobias Ellwood  is ex-military and of moderate importance in the gov; that the military is telling him the British military is not strong enough to take part ( only 40 Challenger tanks in working order ). Alexander also explains that the British mercenaries are likely to be ex-military for whom there is not much employment, and that they are  somewhat similar to the Wagner force. The Russians appear to be targeting command centres in Ukraine where UK and US Nato commanders are located. There is a story the British public is told about the superiority of the UK Armed Forces; it would not be a good idea to have the public discover this is a myth.


5 Responses to “Tobias wants UK (and NATO) boots on the ground in Ukraine”

  1. Chris x says:

    Akexander Mercouris believes the official narrative about the Jo Cox murder, which I think was an obvious false flag. These two guys are ok, but in my opinion Pepe Escobar who has been a foreign correspondent for about 40 years is the guy who really knows about geopolitics.

  2. danceaway says:

    There are several blind spots in Alexander’s understanding which one has to take into account. Unfortunately Pepe is not in the UK, so it can be useful to listen to what Alexander has to say with this caveat, keep an open mind.

  3. Chris x says:

    Tobias Ellwood is a lieutenant colonel in the 77th brigade which deals with psyops and propaganda. He was involved in the false flag Westminster attack where he adminstered CPR while ambulance men stood around him and watched.

  4. danceaway says:

    Yes, as Emil Cosman might say, he is a weasel. UKColumn has been highlighting his nefariousness for some time; if Brian Gerrish is on the news today, there is a possibility he will be discussed with quotes and innuendo. Recommend listening, either at 1 pm or on demand afterwards.