One Response to “This was most definitely NOT on my grammar school curriculum. How about you?”

  1. Tapestry says:

    And who is behind the Jews using them as their agent/scapegoat?

    Judaeism is based on the removal of the demand to sacrifice the firstborn, the promise made to Abraham, the father of Judaeism, Christianity and Islam. Jews are held in check by the same threats as everyone else – but by who exactly? The word God in the modern bible replaces the word Gods in the original. The threat of violence, murder of children and rape by the ‘Gods’, was removed as long as man lived within the religions manufactured to keep mankind suppressed.

    The child sacrifice didn’t stop. It went under cover.

    The Gods are not human – but Reptilian. They want humans divided amongst themselves. We are given clear instructions not to like each other.

    Don’t oblige. Be friends with all humans except those demonically possessed or genetically mixed with Reptilians.

    Not all Jews are aware of the demonic agenda. The one human factor/characteristic not understandable to the Reptilians is our ability to cooperate with each other across religious and racial divides. They only understand hierarchy, fear and submission. Humans have an innate ability to trust and cooperate with each other, creating wealth and stability. The Reptilian Gods who created us as a slave race do not have these abilities and the innvative skills that we have – especially when we cooperate with others. Our weakness is that we trust too readily and believe the nonsense in the media, which kills us as we accept lethal vaxxx without resisting, and carry cellphones around spying on us and rendering our bodies infertile.

    We trust banks and paper money when we should have carried on using silver weight as money. We still can.