The Telegraph – An Irresponsible & Childish Video ?

Ladies and Gentlemen these ghouls seek to provoke further conflict.  For what ends and at what cost ?

43,551 views Jun 22, 2023 #military #nato #russia
Since its creation in 1949, Nato could be said to have shouldered some of the world’s greatest burdens. A good idea then, to stick a good head on it when electing a new one.

With Jens Stoltenberg due to leave in September, the next Nato head will face challenges of Bechers Brook-proportions.

So the race is on and nobody’s neck is out in front yet. But we do know one thing. Barring a late surge from a long shot, the next leader of Nato will be a seasoned politician, most likely a former leader of his or her country, or a prominent defence secretary. That individual is almost certainly going to be chomping at the bit to get stuck into Russia and more than capable of dealing with strategic shocks.

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