The Push to Normalize Human Meat Eating

Although the Daily Mail article is about a Channel 4 mockumentary both the article and program introduce the idea of human meat consumption.

Slowly over the years this controversial subject has been gently brought in to the public consciousness. Be it Soylent Green, Judge Dredd or the Cannibal Club restaurants it’s had somewhat of a slow marketing campaign which I believe aims to make eating human meat a perfectly normal occurrence. Especially in these hard financial times with harder to come where it could be a cheap and nutritious family dietary option. Run this alongside water cremation with the dead being pumped in to the water supply for the living to drink and humanity being turned to cannibals en masse seems a very real possibility.

Let’s be clear this is an orchestrated plan designed to alter humanity, debase it and turn life into death. Yes the Daily Mail article is about a mockumentary but the truth is often mentioned in jest.

How much more do we need to see before we say no? Remember tacit consent is consent. Stay silent and they will carry on.

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6 Responses to “The Push to Normalize Human Meat Eating”

  1. Tapestry says:

    The Reptilians ran the world with torture and murder until they launched religions. Then they retreated into the background and left humans to torture and kill each other working under instruction. The modern way is to kill humans remotely by vaccine and electro-magnetism, phones basically, and mentally torture us with news stories like this one. The reptilians are back and religions are being parked as the primary method of control. The first step is to deny access of nonsense like the above, to our minds. Don’ read it. Don’t post it. If we allow them to accss our minds, we will suffer. Write your own human material. That is the pupose and tradition of this blog. Don’t become another main media mental torture outlet. Th trolls are coming in faster wach day, and the main media.

    • Gordon says:

      Good points Tap and well noted blog ethos. However, I do think we may be too late as the Trolls are already infiltrating thanks to the free-to-post policy.

      I agree with you regarding religion and don’t follow any myself but do believe in an
      all-creating God and His Son Jesus Christ and their Commandments of which there are only ten to follow. The first four have respect towards God and the next six have respect toward your fellow man. Simple, I like simple.

  2. The Watcher says:

    As you were very keen to point out a spelling mistake I made the other day, then I’ll certainly take this opportunity to point out your own faults. I think you meant to say “access” ,” the” and “each” .

    It cuts both ways. Never would I dream of pointing this out but I thought it particularly rude when you did so the other day.


  3. FritzFreud says:

    Tap made great points and his memory goes way back before organized Religion.
    Additionally They do this forced Cannibalism for a long time.
    They put aborted Baby Cells in processed Food all over the place and I know this fro at least 20 years.

    Additionally (for Tap) you are right.
    They try to get into our heads and overload us with BS Information Nonsense.
    Mind Control and AI I am very passionate about this.
    It goes hand in hand.
    I published yesterday this article about this particular subject on my Substack.

  4. Belyi says:

    I don’t eat meat anyway, but if I did, I’d copy my mother who knew the butcher well and only bought meat from local animals. She would never buy anything frozen.

  5. Tapestry says:

    I’m aways happy to be wrong Watcher. In fact that’s why I’m here. If I knew everything there’d be no point in coming. Its and It’s – are not just a spelling mistake. They seem to be a cultural reprogramming device to push the wrong spelling out to upset traditonalists. Only a small thing but if you notice even teachers are spelling its wrong now. They wouldn’t do it unless they were being instructed to do so. If you want to get upset, I’m amazed you have the time or the energy! I’m watching the watcher regardless!