The Jesuit Vatican Shadow Empire 291 – Babylon Pt A – [1:46:52]


Babylon is NOT just one thing – It is an IDEA, a religious system, commercial system, political system, a banking system and cultural system. How does God SEE the reality of Babylon? This is expressed in Revelation as a vicious, foul mouthed, merciless prostitute or “WHORE” who kills those who refuse to FORNICATE (OBEY and SERVE) with her and then she drinks their BLOOD! She’s a KILLER cannibal. The Bible says Babylon is characterized as a FEMALE and she sees herself as ROYALTY, a QUEEN that can’t be touched! When people hear the word Babylon this conjures up many different images in the mind. The word Babylon has been so used and abused that meaning has been emptied out virtually. We need to remember what God says about Babylon in order to understand fully how much God hates this satanic counterfeit “organization” to his beautiful Body (Bride) of Christ.



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