The Jesuit Vatican Shadow Empire 290 – Money


In this video i want to do a cursory overview of money and the money system at the present time and going forward. More than 5 years ago in January 2018 i posted a blog titled, “Beast Coin: Banking The Unbanked,” which you can read on my website at Two years later i made a video of this blog with some modifications – Video No.53 with a similar title, “BEAST – COIN: Banking The Unbanked – Jesuit Magic Money & Sorcery which you can listen to! Money is a concept that few people seem to understand although they’ve been using it their whole lives. Money is first of all an IDEA that enables the exchange of goods and services at a set value between 2 or more parties. Anything can be exchanged based on an agreed value of WHAT is being exchanged. In other words a money system is based on FAITH and trust by all concerned, on the VALUE of the exchange mechanism. If all parties lose Faith or Trust in the system then it ceases to operate.