The Jesuit Vatican Shadow Empire 289 – Empire Of The World


In this video i want to update where we are at! What is actually happening at the present time? What is going on? It has been 12 months since the pressure eased up on Masking, Testing and Injecting in most places. The 2 Pandemics or PHEICS were finally called off by the WHO only a few months ago. What is the Beast up to? Do restrictions still exist? Short answer. Yes they do. Beware because they are coming back again. This war against humanity is not finished yet. Here are a few prophetic statements that Michelangelo Tamburini JSG made, which have come to pass more than 200 years later. Tamburini told his generals, “You well know that what we aim at is the empire of the world.” That is where we are today. Rome rules the world. He said, “Let us prefer a secret war, which though less brilliant is more sure to bring us the advantage. Let us shun too much light.” That is HOW the Jesuits accomplished this feat. It was a secret war of infiltration and subversion from behind the scenes.