The Inevitable Happens – Just Stop Oil Useful Idiot Punched Out By Motorist

Even at the best of times driving in London is a super stressful nightmare and tempers can flare.

Sadiq Khan’s despised Net Zero policies have closed and narrowed many roads making it even more frustrating.

Khan’s Just Stop Oil co-conspirators in the fraudulent CO2 war against motorists have added to the grist.

Sooner or later one or more of these traffic sabotaging fools was bound to piss off the wrong person.


Just Stop Morons German Edition


9 Responses to “The Inevitable Happens – Just Stop Oil Useful Idiot Punched Out By Motorist”

  1. Belyi says:

    Loved it.

  2. newensign says:

    Good post sovereigntea – people are fighting back against those infringing are right to travel unhindered!

    • sovereigntea says:

      Footage from Germany added 🙂

    • FritzFreud says:

      Right there…
      Why should we give up travel in order to “save the world” as they say?.
      How can we make a change so people have better lives and less stress?
      Ok, I admit I am going full circle now but when I envisioned my Technology I designed it with the future in mind.
      If we replace all of Aviation with a global network of Hpersonic Trains we end oil because we don’t need it, we have many more places to build cities namely unused Airports.
      We also have less bickering and a problem solved.
      People should be free to learn and education should be available over the internet free of charge.
      But just like the Trans Agenda… JSO is a Mind Control Operation.
      It is there to create conflict.
      My technology could go a long way ending this and ending the conflict.
      I am absolutely certain about this.

    • sovereigntea says:

      Got interrupted – German footage now posted

  3. FritzFreud says:

    Just stop Oil is financed by the Getty & Rockefeller Family.
    It is a Mind Control Operation (Black Budget) CIA.
    These people are as much victims as they are stupid.
    It is a bit like Christians… they mean good but they do no good because their actions is based on believe which is basically wrong.
    It is exactly like that.

    • sovereigntea says:

      I tend to agree. At the useful idiot level they are brainwashed victims. Nevertheless as is common with many idealogues they selfishly seek to impose their belief system on the rest of society by force and dogma whatever the real world consequences and costs to the rest of us.

      Rather like a Net Zero version of Jehovah’s Witnesses awaiting climate Armageddon

      • FritzFreud says:

        Yes… spot on.
        It is a Religion.
        And in a religion the stupid rule and fool.
        The Net Zero thing is a scam
        However technological advancements such as absolute Zero Emissions are a possibility and should not be discouraged.
        Actually we should encourage absolute zero emission technology in order to make Net Zero go away.
        This is what i am proposing.

  4. Belyi says:

    I do wonder what goes on in the heads of these people – if anything. The girl being dragged off by her hair was wonderful.