3 Responses to “The Catholics started and ran the African Trade in Brazil (NOT THE JEWS)”

  1. newensign says:

    The Jesuits Joshua, are the Jewish arm of the Catholic Church. They are in all institutions going under various names to deceive. Jew is a relatively new name they have invented for themselves. They all have the satanic DNA and are referred to collectively in the Scriptures as Edom!

  2. Tapestry says:

    Do we know who anyone is in the hierarchy of power? I am trying to follow Sabak’s book advertised to the right. Our history goes back a lot further than modern institutions like catholicism.

    • FritzFreud says:

      Actually we do…
      They are all connected by the Occult.
      They communicate through symbolism and hand signs.
      And the Occult rules Religion.
      However if you look at the east where the sun rises you will find India and China who both have civilizations way older than 10 or 20.000 years.
      There within the Hindu and Buddhist Traditions you find Truth.
      Truth that totally destroys the Abrahamic Religions and exposes them as false.
      I am ZEN…
      Zen is the path to become Buddha.
      Zen is peaceful.
      Zen is Truth.
      Everyone can change their life for the better by following Zen.
      It is not so much a Religion as it is a simple philosophy of living life to the best of your abilities.
      There is no God in Zen.
      There is only Truth…
      And Truth is exactly what is missing in western society.