2 Responses to “The Burning Waters”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    Intriguing … The detector in Antarctica is discussed here. Hecker worked there claims it has several functions including being a transmitter / communication system confirms the Cherenkov side of things


    AntarcticaAntarctica, TalksTalks
    What is the government hiding in Antarctica w/ Eric J. Hecker


    As an intriguing aside post 911 the PTB went to great expense to provide blue light sources at ground zero the same colour as Cherenkov radiation. Wonder if they were trying to hide something ?

  2. FritzFreud says:

    Vessel / Vase / Vassal
    In ancient Hebrew consonants were not written down.
    So in that sense a Vessel and a Vassal are the same.
    And we are both, Vessel and Vassal for them.
    We are been held back by them in order to fulfill their self fulfilling prophecy…
    We are the creation that outgrew our creator race.
    We are been held back and Hypnotized into believing we are no good.
    We are.
    Water Burns.
    Truth is power.
    We are held back at purpose by an extra terrestrial force that wants this planet all for themselves, but not for us.