Stop ULEZ . “Ultra Low Emission Zones”. Thanks to Danceaway for raising awareness.

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Stop ULEZ Coalition Formed
A cross-party, cross-campaign coalition has formed to stop ULEZ extension in Greater London.
Together convened a meeting in London last week, attended by politicians, anti-ULEZ campaigners and other action groups, and an agreement was reached to work together to stop the ULEZ expansion before the August deadline. The statement reads:
“We, the undersigned, reject the false claims underpinning the expansion of London Mayor, Sadiq Khan’s Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ). It is undemocratic and hugely unpopular. 

∙ We call on the Mayor to Stop ULEZ. 

∙ We demand an end to this tax on vehicles that do not meet arbitrary emission levels. 

The premise of this tax is meaningless. There is no clear, measurable health benefit, despite Sadiq’s insistence to the contrary. This was evidenced in this report.

Sadiq Khan’s ULEZ expansion has nothing to do with air pollution. It will damage local communities and businesses, and not only in London. It will impact surrounding counties, and all visitors to the city. 

ULEZ expansion will severely impact our freedoms and mobility and severely undermine our ability to earn a living. In the context of the current Cost-of-Living Crisis, this will impact the poor most. 

We believe the way to guarantee longevity and quality of life, is to ensure that people have sufficient incomes, and access to the resources and services this requires. This includes affordable transport networks. Instead of placing further financial and bureaucratic burdens on the public, the Mayor should focus on supporting and developing these resources, enabling businesses to thrive. This includes delivering much needed infrastructure to London. 

We are drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, bus and rail passengers; we are business-owners and employees; we are able-bodied and disabled; we are, campaigners and representatives from across the political spectrum. We stand together as residents of London, the surrounding counties, and beyond, united in our firm belief that we must stop ULEZ expansion. 

We call on all to join us in this campaign.”
Initial signatories include:
Adam Brooks, Essex publican, political commentator
Alan Miller, co-founder, Together Association
Amanda Hunter, Together Cabinet, Chair Social Care workgroup
Andrew Fox,
Angela Lewis-Smith, UK Freedom Alliance
Ben Pile, Climate Debate
Bob Bull, Alliance of British Drivers
Brian Mooney, Alliance of British Drivers (ABD)
Caroline Horsford, Free Bath Streets
Catherine Evans Hewitt, Liverpool anti-LTN campaigner
Catherine McBride, economist, political commentator
Charlie Samson, political campaigner and commentator
Charlotte Gracias, Together Cabinet, Chair Healthcare workgroup
Chris Johnson, Free Bristol Streets
Claire Freeman, Together
Colin Smith, Conservative Cllr, Bromley
Danny Rampling, DJ, campaigner
Dominic Frisby, economist, commentator and comedian
Duncan White, Association of British Drivers
Ed Gregory, Stop ULEZ Expansion
Cllr Eunice Brockman – Independent – Basildon Council
Francis Hoar, barrister
Gareth Hughes, Together Cabinet, Chair of Hospitality workgroup
Grant Davies, London taxi driver
Cllr Hazel Green – Independent – Basildon Council
Harry Miller, FairCop, Together Cabinet, Chair of law & order workgroup
Howard Cox, FairFuel, Reform Party candidate for London Mayor
Ian Much, President, Motorcycle Action Group
Cllr Ian Edwards, Conservative, Hillingdon
James Melville, media commentator
Keith Prince, Conservative, Havering and Redbridge London Assembly member
Cllr Kerry Smith – Independent – Former Deputy Leader of Basildon Council
Cllr Kevin Blake – Conservative – Deputy Leader of Basildon Council
Kieron, Leader of CCAC group (Cambridge)
Kingsley Hamilton, anti-ULEZ campaigner, by-election candidate, Uxbridge
Laurence Fox, leader, The Reclaim Party
Lembit Opik, Transport Reality
Lesley Katon, co-founder, Together
Lois Perry,
Mark Hudson, campaigner, Kings Heath, Birmingham
Mark Sparrow, Free Bath Streets
Matthew Brown, Free Edinburgh Streets
Mike Beake, Petrol Revolt
Mitch Feierstein, economist
Cllr Mo Larkin JP, BEM – Independent – First Mayor of Basildon Council
Nick Arlett, UK Unite/ULEZ Action
Norris Windross, DJ, co-founder Together Association
Peter Fortune, Conservative, Greater London Assembly Member for Bexley & Bromley
Cllr Peter Holliman, Conservative, Basildon Council
Pete Ramsay, author and academic
Peter White, Cambridge, anti congestion charge campaign
Phil Elliot, UK Unite, ULEZ Action
Cllr Phil Turner, Conservative, Basildon Council
Dr Renee Hoenderkamp, Board member, Together Association, political commentator
Shaun Bailey, Conservative, London Assembly Member
Shyanne Roeloffs, Cambridge no to LTN campaign
Cllr Simon Fawthrope, Conservative, Bromley Council
Steve Kelleher, Social Democratic Party
Tara Hawkins, Anti-LTN campaigner, Haringey, London
Dr Teck Khong, ADF Party
Cllr Teresa O’Neill, Conservative, Bexley Council
Tim Oliver, Conservative, Surrey County Council
Tom Bright, Khan Must Go
Tom Davison, Cambridge, former ombudsman
Tonia Buxton, political commentator
Cllr Val Robbins – Independent – Basildon Council
Victoria Ward, London anti-LTN campaigner
Cllr Walter Brown, Independent, Basildon Council
William Clouston, Leader, Social Democratic Party
Please look out for further info – we really hope you can help us spread the word! Today, we’re protesting outside the legal challenge (“Judicial Review”) on the ULEZ expansion, brought by the London boroughs of Hillingdon, Bexley, Bromley, Harrow, and Surrey County Council.
Legal cases can be unpredictable, but whatever happens in court, we will ensure the public have their voices heard. The public have been treated with contempt by the Mayor, their objections ignored and their concerns misrepresented – a pattern repeated far too much all over the UK.
Let’s continue to push back against ever-increasing impositions – #together!
Bristol: join us this Thursday evening!
Together’s event with local campaigners Keep Bristol Moving is this Thursday, debating challenges to vehicle use in Bristol, including the introduction of a large “Low Traffic Neighbourhood” in East Bristol.
Join us! It starts at 7.00pm at Rose Green Centre, Bristol BS5 7DR. 
Local councillors have been invited and speakers will include:
  • David “Syd” Lawrence, former England cricketer now owner of Bristol club Dojo
  • Together co-founder Alan Miller
  • Samira Muse of Barton Hill Activity Club
  • Justyna Kowalska of ReactCAZ
  • Charles Stirling of Bristol Design
No tickets required for this event but any donations on the night to help cover costs are appreciated.
Edinburgh event: join us on Tues 25 July
Do we really want:
“Low Emission Zones?”
“Low Traffic Neighbourhoods?”
“20 Minute Neighbourhoods?”
Who benefits? Who loses?
Democratic agreement or imposed from above?
Citizen wellbeing or income generation?
Freedom of movement or enforced restrictions?
Tue 25 July 2023  7pm – 9 pm
Augustine United Church, 41 King George IV Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1EL
Lawrence Fox and Josie Appleton on our weekly radio show
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Listen to Saturday’s episodes (plus the entire back catalogue) here with Lawrence Fox on free speech, ULEZ and the upcoming Uxbridge election, and Josie Appleton on ‘the busybody state.’
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