2 Responses to “Sky TV Go WOKE! (Exposed)”

  1. ian says:

    Now I know they say that cultural Marxism, and Critical race theory are stupid right wing conspiracy theories so bad that they don’t want you deciding for yourself, and indeed they’ve hidden them, so you don’t need to worry your pretty little useless eater heads.
    My recollection of it, was that it was formed by a group of Jewish men in Germany around the time of WW2. They now try to distance themselves from it, but part of it that I remember, advocated the promotion of minorities to the detriment of the majority. Sound familiar? Now add the that the work of Coudenhove Kalergi, who advocated mass immigration of non whites into the Western traditionally white countries, to in his words breed us out of existence, make me wonder if there aren’t certain people who’d rather we didn’t exist. Now who owns Sky News?

    • Gordon says:

      Watched the Lionesses playing yesterday but while watching the camera panning the crowd I couldn’t help but notice how very few coloured people were in the crowd given that on the telly they are so in ya face. Every channel, every news, every soap, they are so in my face I just switch it off. Of course you’re right. The powers that be want very much to dilute the culture of Britain from a white Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Celtic Abrahamic race to a, – well I’ll let you figure it out or I’ll get banned from commenting – while the elite themselves remain white. Just saying!