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2 Responses to “Sanity4Sweden – CONFIRMED: 30% PLACEBO!”

  1. Tapestry says:

    three batches of V. two gave severe effects. one third gave no side effects.
    If everyone had had it, everyone would have been sick, so they decided on 30% placebo – something harmless. All professions can be bought including scientists.
    Newton’s gravitational theory was wrong. Gravitation is a force of repulsion not attraction – or all bodies in space would be colliding non-stop. He had to hide magnetism and electricity
    to keep the Goyim ignorant. His real name was Yitzak Matanya. Matanya means Newtown in Hebrew.
    Didn’t batch identification suggest 5% of batches were killer batches?

  2. David 2 says:

    There are two many imponderables regarding the vaccine. My opinion is that it is genetic editing to create a genetically modified or transhuman species.

    mRNA is proven to alter the human genome,

    I believe that they succeeded and now want to include mRNA gene editing into all vaccines, so that they can cull the children.

    Ian has provided the DARPA statistics for each country and I presume them to be broadly correct. Many are inline with the vaccine uptake.

    Given that most have taken at least two shots, they would have to be very lucky to have avoided the gene editing shot.