Riot Psyops In France – Spot The Squad Leader

Note how the big guy being attacked doesn’t defend himself.
Note how the attackers are redirected by their leader
Note how the attackers don’t try to steal/loot big guy’s bag
Note big guy’s last interaction with the remaining gang member

” this way to the mess hut sir, see you for a pint later ”


Kitson’s British Pseudo Gang Legacy

When standard military operations and bombing failed to defeat the Mau Mau insurgency of Kenya in the 50s, the British created gangs of friendly tribesmen, who were pretending to be terrorists. These “pseudo gangs,” quickly threw the Mau Mau on the defensive by befriending, then ambushing, genuine freedom fighters or guiding the British to freedom fighter camps. What worked half-century ago is still undermining trust among today’s resistance to British Occupation in Ireland. Forming fake republican groups, is a British speciality in Ireland today, practiced since 1971, when Kitson recruited ‘turned’ IRA members, nicknamed the ‘Freds’ operating undercover in Brigadier Kitson’s area of responsibility.

Text from Irish Republican Source


Book MAJOR. FRANK KITSON M.B.E., M.C –  Low Intensity Operations

Book MAJOR. FRANK KITSON M.B.E., M.C – Gangs and Counter-gangs



6 Responses to “Riot Psyops In France – Spot The Squad Leader”

  1. ian says:

    Works a treat on Demonstrations too. Get a dozen young guys in hoodies to piss on Churchill or the Queen’s statue. Put scaffolding poles through the bank windows, set fire to some old cop cars etc closely followed by Papparzzi. Soon the public want the demos shut down with the MSM telling them what to think. A video surfaced once showing the guys in Hoodies showing passes and going through police lines. I never kept it and it was gone in an hour.

    • sovereigntea says:

      I seem to recall that was footage in London from RT.

      Another psyop sign is the oldest police vehicle in the fleet being left to be torched. Bristol rings a bell.

      Also false reporting of events such as the Bristol riots a few years back. Press claimed lots of fires lit by squatters which was total photoshop BS I confirmed this at the time by ringing the fire brigade press office who confirmed “no fires attended” that night.

  2. Chris x says:

    Agent provocateurs with their faces covered up and the crisis actors, reading their script and pretending badly to be shocked.