RFK Jr Is an Anti-White Zionist………………The note by “Radar” at the bottom says much.

Kennedy is super “anti-racist,” which just means that he’s anti-White. He thinks that the United States needs to allow legalized discrimination against White people.

Anyone who has looked into RFK Jr. for even a brief moment will understand that this man is a charlatan. This is not even a deep dive into his past, but just a brief presentation of some pieces of evidence I have been collecting for a few weeks.

RFK Jr. has been making the rounds on mainstream and alternative media in his bid for the Democrat nomination in the 2024 presidential election. As he is not Joe Biden, many people on the left are excited about the latest politician to come from the Kennedy clan. Even many people who identity as “right wing” or “right leaning” are getting enthused by the “outspoken” man with an irritating voice.

Is it not a bit odd that right wing Tucker Carlson would promote someone with an extreme left-wing agenda?


Adding to his credibility, “based” Elon Musk had a Twitter Spaces for RFK Jr. to talk about his campaign.


After the Twitter Spaces conversation, the New York Times wrote about the “misinformation” being promoted by Kennedy, so Bill Maher had RFK Jr. on his show to defend his honor.

“I want to take issue with the media because it incenses me how they write about you,” said Maher.

Many “right wingers” probably like RFK Jr. because of his take on Russia, which is that Russia is “acting in good faith” to end their war in Ukraine.

“It was us who forced [Ukrainian President Volodymyr] Zelensky to sabotage that agreement. It was already signed. So, you know, the Russians were acting in good faith. … So, no, I think we’re the ones who have not been acting in good faith.”

Some people support RFK Jr. because they think he opposes vaccines, but this is actually not the case at all. In his own words, he is very much pro-vaccine.


Kennedy, just like almost every other American politician, is extremely pro-Israel.


He goes out of his way to bend the knee to jewish supremacists, which is indeed a smart move when operating within the political system of the occupied United States.


While he is 100% for jewish supremacy, he absolutely detests White people who think they deserve a right to exist. Here is “uniter” RFK Jr. telling Joe Rogan about the evils of xenophobia and bigotry.


Kennedy is super “anti-racist,” which just means that he’s anti-White. He thinks that the United States needs to allow legalized discrimination against White people.


Here he is voicing his support for Communist agitator MLK Jr and celebrating Juneteenth.


Here is RFK Jr. hanging out with some “cool teens” from Compton and South Central to show just how anti-White he really is. You really don’t see him out on little field trips with White youth, who are far too privileged for the incredibly wealthy Kennedy.


Part of RFK Jr’s recent “cool” campaign has been showing off his TRT body, contrasting his physique with that of Biden.



I would have to imagine that all the testosterone flowing through Kennedy’s body has only helped to fuel the “lust demons” that caused his wife to kill herself. If you did not know, RFK Jr. kept a diary of his sexual conquests, which his second wife found. She killed herself by hanging herself during their divorce proceedings.

From Radar:

The 398-page diary not only details Bobby Jr.’s daily activities, speeches, and family life during 2001, it includes the names of 37 women he bedded during the period covered by the ledger. […]

The lurid logbook is also laced with his Catholic guilt over his cheating, which follows the same pattern of affairs as his uncles, President John F. Kennedy, and U.S. Sen. Ted Kennedy – and his own father, who was assassinated in 1968.

Just like a Kennedy, he could not control his penis. I am certain his deceased wife Mary would never have killed herself if she had not discovered her husband’s lurid details about all the women with whom he had cheated on her. This kind of behavior also makes a politician completely controllable via blackmail.

In conclusion, RFK jr. is a scum bag. He does not have our best interests at heart whatsoever. Please talk sense into anyone foolish enough to think that this guy is legitimately trying to shake up the political landscape.


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5 Responses to “RFK Jr Is an Anti-White Zionist………………The note by “Radar” at the bottom says much.”

  1. danceaway says:

    This does not surprise me, Ian. The Kennedy men’s proclivities are well known in their part of New England.

    Go to the source, readers, for more, and comments. He is perfect for blackmailing. Utterly controlled by the Zionists.

    • ian says:

      Indeed he is D’, and he’ll be more aware than most, of what to expect if he doesn’t toe the line.

  2. Tapestry says:

    At least the White race might be still alive to be prejudiced against if he wins…

    • ian says:

      Yes Henry, I know the score, but we seem to be the next target. We are a bigger threat , at least in my opinion than the rest of the world. Yes though, it’s easy to suffer other people’s problems as the Rev Neomoller pointed out.

  3. Chris x says:

    If voting worked the elite would have it banned. Instead they use puppet leaders and vote rigging to maintain control.

    Look at how they have done everything to prevent Brexit from working properly. Remember Theresa May’s Brexit means Brexit, while she did everything to keep the UK close to the EU?