Public Not Buying the Hot In Summer Climate Change Narrative

Read the comments too…..

This is update 2 yesterday from Alex C – people spraying water on one another in Armenia – a tradition…..

You know whats absolutely amazing about this video. Civilized people having fun, AND NOT ONE PHONE in their hands. UNREAL, all I kept thinking was, this was like my childhood in late 70s and 80s. There was this carefree spirit I see in these people that is familiar to my childhood era.
The little girl stalking you with a bucket around 6:40 killed me 😀 Looks like a happy day in Armenia.

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3 Responses to “Public Not Buying the Hot In Summer Climate Change Narrative”

  1. Belyi says:

    A while back, an underground reporter with Project Veritas, conned someone in the media into saying that when the covid nonsense had died down, the next big thing to ‘terrify’ the public would be climate change.

    Many of us know that HAARP is regularly used to change the weather? The fires in Canada, the earthquakes in Syria and Turkey, the floods in various countries, etc. are direct consequences of that.

    • Chris x says:

      Jacob Rothschild said on camera that this would be the big issue for the world. I posted the video recently.

  2. danceaway says:

    Yes, they are going full steam ahead, aren’t they? Floods in Vermont and New Hampshire last week, areas that never are subject to this, but have mountains and rivers so perhaps easy for them to set this one up.