Pro Apartheid BBC Apologises After Reporter Tells The Truth – ‘Israeli forces happy to kill children’

TRUE ! – BBC News anchor says ‘Israeli forces happy to kill children’


Palestinian children tortured, used as shields by Israel: U.N.

GENEVA (Reuters) – A United Nations human rights body accused Israeli forces on Thursday of mistreating Palestinian children, including by torturing those in custody and using others as human shields.

“Hundreds of Palestinian children have been killed and thousands injured over the reporting period as a result of the state party military operations, especially in Gaza where the state party proceeded to (conduct) air and naval strikes on densely populated areas with a significant presence of children, thus disregarding the principles of proportionality and distinction,” the report said.

Palestinian girl killed by Israeli sniper mourned by family who witnessed shooting

Sadeel Naghniyeh, 15, died after being shot by an Israeli sniper in the Jenin refugee camp on Monday. Her nine-year old brother witnessed the shooting

Sadeel was on her way to visit Mallack also 15, who lives next door, when an Israeli sniper shot her in the head as she stood in the driveway she shared with her uncle’s family.

Sitting next to his cousin, Mohammad Naghniyeh, Sadeel’s nine-year-old brother, told MEE he saw the fatal shooting from their family’s apartment window.

‘She’s my only sister. I don’t have another one’

– Mohammad Naghniyeh, aged nine

“I told her: ‘Be careful. The soldiers are in front of you.’ I saw it with my eyes when they shot her. I saw it happen,” he said. ”She was my only sister, and they killed her.”

He repeated the line. “She’s my only sister. I don’t have another one.” Tears rolled down his cheeks and his voice cracked.

As racist right winger and former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said “I’ve killed many Arabs in my life, and there’s no problem with that,”

What Bennett really mean when he said to Palestinian-Israeli lawmaker Ahmad Tibi that “when you were still climbing trees, we had a Jewish state here”? Was he really calling Palestinians monkeys, or was he just calling Ahmad Tibi a monkey?

The Israel hasbara machine is attempting to sanitize Naftali Bennett’s “I killed many Arabs” quote

In 2018, he advocated for a shoot-to-kill policy for Palestinians crossing the Gaza border. When questioned about whether children would be part of this policy, he said, “They are not children — they are terrorists. We are fooling ourselves. I see the photos.”

During a televised debate in 2010, Bennett said to Palestinian lawmaker Ahmad Tibi, “When you were still climbing trees, we had a Jewish state here.”

If Bibi Was the Frying Pan, Is Bennett the Fire? What To Expect from Israel’s New PM

GENEVA (11 August 2022) – UN Human Rights Chief Michelle Bachelet today expressed alarm at the high number of Palestinians, including children, killed and injured in the occupied Palestinian territory this year, including in intense hostilities between Israel and Palestinian armed groups in Gaza last weekend.

In the past week, 19 Palestinian children have been killed in the occupied Palestinian territory, taking the death toll since the start of the year to 37. Seventeen children were killed during the Gaza hostilities from 5-7 August, and two more were killed on 9 August in Israeli law enforcement operations in the West Bank.

“Inflicting hurt on any child during the course of conflict is deeply disturbing, and the killing and maiming of so many children this year is unconscionable,” said Bachelet.

The civilian cost of the latest escalation in Gaza from 5-7 August was heavy. The UN Human Rights Office has verified that among the 48 Palestinians killed, there were at least 22 civilians, including 17 children and four women. The status of 22 fatalities remains undetermined. Of the 360 Palestinians reported injured, nearly two-thirds were civilians, including 151 children, 58 women and 19 older people. In a number of incidents, children were the majority of casualties.

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BBC News anchor says ‘Israeli forces happy to kill children’

Corporation apologises after Anjana Gadgil remarks about Jenin operation to the country’s ex-prime minister live on air

The BBC has apologised after one of its presenters said that “Israeli forces are happy to kill children” in an interview with the country’s former prime minister.

Anjana Gadgil made the comments while she was speaking to Naftali Bennett about the country’s military action in Jenin.

In an interview on Tuesday evening, she said: “The Israeli military are calling this a ‘military operation’, but we now know that young people are being killed, four of them under 18.

“Is that really what the military set out to do? To kill people between the ages of 16 and 18?”

Mr Bennett said: “Quite to the contrary. Actually, all 11 people dead there are militants. The fact that there are young terrorists who decide to hold arms is their responsibility.”

What the Quisling traitors of the BBC chose to forget

This database contains details of British deaths during the Palestine conflict 1945-1948. There are some officials and policeman also included but not the full quota.

ADAMS, Leonard Charles
Rank: Warrant Officer 2nd Class (Company Sergeant Major)
Service No: 2366526
Regiment: Royal Corps of Signals
Date of death: 22 July 1946
Age at death: 29
Died how:

Members of the Irgun, dressed as Arabs, set off a bomb in the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, which had been the base for the British Secretariat, the military command and a branch of the Criminal Investigation Division (police). Ninety-one people were killed, most of them staff of the secretariat and the hotel: 28 British, 41 Arab, 17 Jewish, and 5 other. Around 45 people were injured.
Buried or Commemorated: Ramleh War Cemetery, Israel
Bur or Com Ref: Plot 7 Row J Grave 18
Place of birth: Portsmouth
Family Details:

Son of Charles Thomas Adams and Alice Adams; husband of Florence Lucy Adams, of Brondesbury Park, Middlesex.

Born 27 July 1916