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Prigozhin, NATO false flags, Ukraine and the US Emperor with no clothes – Vanessa Beeley

Brian Berletic and myself join Isabella Fiorella on the Convo Couch to discuss the latest Prigozhin adventures, the NATO proxy war in Ukraine and nuclear false flags amongst other topics. I really enjoyed this conversation despite the seriousness of the deranged NATO escalation in Ukraine:

Conversation begins about 6 min in.





One Response to “Prigozhin, NATO false flags, Ukraine and the US Emperor with no clothes – Vanessa Beeley”

  1. Tapestry says:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0Gx-HCY-I0 UN stakeout of Dmitry Polianski – still holding the diplomatic ground 12 days ago. 162,588 views Jun 27, 2023
    Media stakeout by Dmitry Polyanskiy, Deputy Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the United Nations, on Nord Stream Sabotage.

    Russian ambassador Dmitry Polyanskiy today (27 Jun) called on the authorities of Germany, Denmark and Sweden to update the Council on the course of their investigation of the 26 September bombing of the Nord Stream pipeline.

    Following a closed-door meeting of the Security Council, Polyanskiy told reporters that “in the meantime, we have learned that they have organized – the authorities of these countries in particular Denmark – they have organized the tour of journalists to the place of the sabotage with all the equipment, making pictures, showing, showing certain aspects of the situation and of course promoting the conspiracy theories that would be aimed at shielding one country which, we all will know about.”

    He said the Russian Federation has “all the reasons to demand from these authorities to speed up the investigation and to update the Council on the results before we consider further steps how to make those who are behind this crime accountable.”

    Asked by a journalist about the recent developments in Russia, Polyanskiy said, “the fact that Wagner Group was making a rebellion against the Russian government, doesn’t it show that Russian government was not involved in the situation? Many of Wagner fighters are real patriots of Russia, we admit it, and that’s why they were participating in this fight against NATO and Ukraine. That was their deliberate decision, and we respect It, and we hope that there will be others who will be joining our legitimate fight for our freedom and independence.”

    He said, “the country has become more stronger,” and President Vladimir Putin’s support “has consolidated.”