Pierre Sabak – we can do much better


In this interview conducted by the researcher James Bartley, Pierre Sabak speaks about the Hidden Rulers of the Earth. In Sabak’s detailed analysis, he looks at the Biblical, Hermetical, Apocryphal and Koranic sources, which speak of the ‘Seraphic Host’.

Represented archaically as ‘Crew Members’ of a Naval Vessel, this contingent of ‘Non-Human Angels’ are represented as ‘Angelic Sailors’ and originate from ‘Heaven’. Summarised as a ‘Holographic Culture’, this Species has deconstructed the ‘Mechanics of Physical Existence’ and are the ‘Masters of Waveform Reality’.

A paradoxical race of creatures (Physical and Spiritual), the ‘Seraphim’ are equated scripturally with the ‘Djinn’ and ‘Archons’, and are a somaneumatic species which intersect with the physical and spiritual realm. Both interdimensional and interplanetary, the ‘Djinn’ aka the ‘Seraphim’ (Non-Human Angels) are depicted in the Apocrypha as the ‘Watchers’. Identified with the ‘Serpent’, the ‘Watchers’ intervene in human affairs and are behind the inception of the ‘Saucer Cults’ and the development of ‘Skaphology’ (the depiction of angelic ships within the religious and mythological tradition).

In summary, ‘New Ufology’ (the deconstruction of the occult within Ufological research) is structured upon a scholarly appraisal of the ‘Ancient Alien Hypothesis’. Academic, this discourse is based upon Astro-Theology, Philosophy and Etymology – disciplines which are intrinsic to the encoding of aliens within the socio-historical, political and cultural narrative!


2 Responses to “Pierre Sabak – we can do much better”

  1. John says:

    Powerful stuff. We’re honoured to have Pierre presenting at AV13. That’s going to be interesting.


    • Tapestry says:

      I feel personally that the Oram video is simply not quite real but nothing I could prove – a lot of drama but it goes nowhere really. The Pierre Sabak book seems more authoritative, most of it concerned with linguistics, and not claiming actual knowledge. I would need to read it again with a more critical eye to be absolutely sure of it. I am just trying to get through it first time around. It would be interesting to hear a presentation as coming in October at AV. The secret bodies that control the world are probably wanting to reveal their exstence, and they can do this via people like Pierre. A bit like they can reveal via Farage how they intend to control peoples’ bank accounts.