2 Responses to “Pandemic 2? Why is the UK Government and it’s advisors now warning us that there “will” be another pandemic, which they will respond to with more lockdowns and restrictions – with which the British public “will” comply?”

  1. FritzFreud says:

    The Government exists only to gain power.
    The Government serves only itself and to extent this power.
    The Government NEVER gives up this power.
    When the Government claims to give up power… as it does with the Global Pandemic Treaty… we all should be aware that it is in reality a power grab by the Government.
    They “give up” power and hand it to the WHO which then can claim any Pandemic under any circumstance which make them the solemn Authority in this crisis theater.
    The WHO then instructs the Government to act on behalf of the WHO to enforce any action deemed necessary by the WHO.
    And if this instruction is… kill the firstborn and cull the herd… the Government will enforce this new Global Authority like it always does with upmost brutality but without accountability which now lies within the WHO.
    The Government gives Illegally Authority it never had to begin with but most importantly Accountability it tries to avoid to the WHO which then in return gives more power and less accountability to the Government.
    In the most simplistic term this is called Treason.
    It is their way of deception on which they wage war against us.
    Always against us, never for us, even when they claim they do… they are lying.
    The Government is like a Religion… a religious cult… as it is… a Cult which believes it has Authority over your life without accountability for their Actions.
    And if it sounds like Kingdom come… it is Back to the Middle Ages for us… in their mind.
    The Government acts like a Machine… and soon it will be a machine.
    And Artificial Machine… AI… which uses you & controls you just like the Government of today.
    The machine will be King.
    And the machine King will become machine God.