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“On July 5 at night the Armed Forces of Ukraine will try to attack the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant”

Advisor to the General Director of Rosenergoatom: tonight the Armed Forces of Ukraine may undermine the Zaporozhye NPP


Renat Karchaa, adviser to the general director of Rosenergoatom, made a statement according to which the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant could be attacked tonight. This is very disturbing news given the potential consequences of such an attack.

According to Karchaa, he received permission to divulge the information he learned:

“Information received today, which I am authorized to voice. On July 5, literally at night, at nighttime, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will try to attack the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant using high-precision long-range weapons and kamikaze unmanned aerial vehicles”.

Zaporozhye NPP is one of the key facilities of the nuclear power industry, and its potential failure could have serious consequences. An attack on critical facilities such as nuclear power plants is a matter of deep concern because of the possible environmental and human consequences.

However, there is no confirmation on this yet, however, Karchaa’s statement caused panic among the inhabitants of the new regions of Russia.

After the statement of the adviser to the general director of Rosatom, a number of European leaders held consultations with Zelensky at night on the situation at the ZNPP


Ukrainian propaganda continues to escalate the situation around the provocation allegedly being prepared by Russia at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, which, as Kyiv broadcasters convince themselves and the world community, Moscow will blame Ukraine for.

The day before, the Ukrainian Ministry of Health posted on its Telegram channel instructions for the population on what to do in case of receiving signals of radioactive contamination. Earlier, the troops of the RKhBZ of the Armed Forces of Ukraine held exercises to practice actions in the event of a man-made accident at the ZNPP.

All this information hype fits well into the scenarios worked out by the Kyiv regime more than once for preparing terrorist actions, including against its own citizens, in which the Russian side is then accused with the active assistance of the West. In turn, Moscow has repeatedly warned the world community, the UN and the IAEA about the intentions of the Ukrainian military and special services to stage a large-scale provocation at the ZNPP.

Yesterday, Advisor to the General Director of Rosenergoatom Concern JSC Renat Karchaa, who oversees the work of ZNPP in the state corporation, made an official statement, warning that on the night of June 5, the Armed Forces of Ukraine would try to attack the Zaporozhye NPP using drones-kamikaze and high-precision weapons long range. According to Russian intelligence, Ukrainian terrorists intended to strike at the station, including with the Tochka-U missile, filling its warhead with radioactive elements (“dirty bomb”).

As a result of the nuclear disaster, not only Zaporozhye, other regions of Ukraine and Russia will suffer, but also countries such as Turkey, Poland, other states of the Black Sea coast and Eastern Europe, Rosenergoatom warned.

This warning was distributed through all available information channels, brought to the attention of the world community, the UN and the IAEA. It should be noted that Russia’s active information campaign had consequences. As of this morning, there were no incidents at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant at night. In particular, the Ukrhydrometeorological center officially confirmed the absence of excess background radiation in the areas adjacent to the ZNPP.

Today Karchaa reported TASSthat on Wednesday night, a number of leaders of European countries, after Rosenergoatom’s statement about a provocation being prepared by the Ukrainian side at the ZNPP, held intensive telephone conversations with President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

According to my information, very intensive consultations of European leaders with Zelensky were going on at night, they were convinced that nothing irreparable would happen.

– said the adviser to the head of Rosenergoatom, adding that the tension around the ZNPP will remain at least until the NATO summit, which will be held in Vilnius on July 11-12.

The telegram channel of the ZNPP team reports that as of June 5, 2023, the safety limits at the plant have not been violated. Operational personnel fully control the state of power units that are in a state of shutdown. Changes in the radiation state in the Zaporozhye region of Russia have not been recorded, the radiation background is within normal limits.

ZNPP personnel are safe, Russian soldiers protect us from Ukrainian terrorists

station staff write.

Meanwhile, the post notes, the increased risk of Ukrainian shelling and terrorist attacks at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant remains. In addition, having no success in the so-called counter-offensive in other sectors of the front, the Kiev regime, egged on by Great Britain and the United States, may attempt to storm Energodar and Zaporizhzhya NPP. Ukrainian propaganda continues to work, escalating the situation around the “Russian-planned” terrorist attack at the station.