3 Responses to “Nothing to see here. The immigrants are just innocent refugees.”

  1. Chris x says:

    “SHOCKING sex attacks have swept across Sweden with the number of young girls and boys being raped rocketing as police struggle with migrant crime.


    This map shows the vile attacks happening across the country with many gang rapes, sex attacks in schools and assaults on children and adults blamed on refugees and migrants.”

  2. ian says:

    Never has it been more obvious, just how controlled by the “elite” “our” governments are. They are purely actors, usually self serving, greedy and by necessity deceitful “C” grade actors. Doctors too have been exposed again, sort or a built in nudge unit, just to keep reminding us how self serving they are. The majority of Police too, will carry out orders against us if necessary. The nature of the job attracts entitled controllers who look down on the rest of us. Then the media. Where would you start? Well the BBC does jump out at you. A lifelong friend visited me yesterday. He’s a normie, who will quickly shut you down if you challenge any traditional mainstream views. He got partly woken by friends being vaccine injured, but still quotes the BBC as an information source. He usually only visits when he’s going or been somewhere fancy anyway. He’s going on a motorcycle tour of Eastern Europe soon, hence his visit yesterday. Anyway, always look on the bright side of life.