Nat West Bank Declares 911 War On Cash – A Nudge To Keep You Safe

Many Nat West customers have recieved an email declaring war on cash deposits stating …..

Hello Mr Redacted,

As a bank, we have a duty of care to help protect you and the wider community from the effects of financial crime. To help us undertake this more effectively, we want to let you know about a few changes to the terms of your Personal current account, which will take effect from 11th September 2023.

You can see all the details in the leaflet we’ve included, but here’s a summary of the main changes. You can view the full terms and conditions.

Following the link reveals Nat West’s war on cash. A seemingly arbitary £3000 deposit limit per day.

Mighty inconvenient if for instance you sell a car for £5000  leaving you with £2000 to hide safely under the bed overnight as Nat West will only allow you to bank £3000 a day.

In the weird and wonderful world of bankers logic this will not make you a potential target for thieves it will make you safer ?

Of course “keeping you safe” is BS what Nat West and the other banksters are doing is nudging you towards a sinister cashless CBDC utopia.

If UK banks are really serious about keeping customers safe from fraud then they surely ought to fess up to every mortgage being fraudulent and return all the charges fees and interest they have looted from the public.

Show us the full accounting I dare you !


Why is there a cash deposit limit?

Cash deposit limits help ensure we continue to keep you safe and secure. They also reduce financial crime.

These changes are for personal account holders and are similar to those made by other UK banks.

For information on limits for business banking customers, please have a look at the business cash hub.

Just a heads up, there are other safe and secure ways of receiving money in your account like online or electronic payments. See your options and limits.


Bemused customers may well ask why Nat West are focused on peddling Agenda2030 Sustainable Development Goals, a political agenda. Rather than being focused on providing efficient and convenient services to their clients.

Will Nat West suffer a “Bud Light” backlash ?

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