Max Igan – FUTURES

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2 Responses to “Max Igan – FUTURES”

  1. FritzFreud says:

    Great… Max Nails it.
    Especially the creepy part.
    But… it is going on unnoticed for years.
    Henry Kissinger.
    Henry Kissinger did that for all of his life.
    Controlling from behind the veil.
    It is actually a Mind Control technique.
    Now what people call “Reptilians” I say they are Draco.
    And they possess exactly this power of Mind Control.
    And the Jews are their Offspring.
    I call them: The Harry Potter society of global fascism
    Because the Harry Potter books are actually the Jewish Occult Networks and at the center of this are schools like Salem Gordonstoun and others founded by Kurt Hahn.
    So in reality the Harry Potter books are a documentation of the Jewish Occult Network disguising as Children Books.
    The Harry Potter society of global fascism

    World coin is Sam Altmann also Open AI and works together with Elon Musk.
    Retinal Scan of your eyes adds to the DATABASE OF EVERYTHING which they build including your Genetic Data.

    The main company behind this is CLEARVIEW AI and it is a UNIT8200 Company

    Worldcoin is an attempt at global scale alignment,
    Worldcoin is the ambition of creating a new identity network… Digital Identity.

    And what is this Digital Identity really?
    It is a Digital version of the Auschwitz Tattoo created by IBM then and now, the Nazis then and now for the purpose of total control then and now.

    Prof. Dr. Peter Schirmacher, head of the autopsy services, found a causal relationship with the vaccination in a third of the deaths that occurred within 14 days of the Covid 19 vaccination.

    And the Green new Deal “Net Zero” is a scam.
    Germany is (on paper) the Greenest country in the world… yeah right.
    The Greens in Germany, who by the way are all Jews, are more fascist than the Nazis.
    And that is a fact.
    I know the Wind Turbines as are solar panels do not work.
    How do I know this?
    I lived in China where they are produced and saw the production facilities how they are produced and who produces them.
    Without Government subsidies they are not worth a cent.
    Max pointed that one out beautifully.
    Also… EV’s are a scam and are 10 times dirtier than Hillary Clinton’s underwear.

    And this does not even take into account the computer trash created by EV’s which are nothing more than laptops on wheels.

    So if all is a scam… is there something we can do?
    Sure is:
    Water is all we ever need for energy creation in any and every way.
    People accuse me of self promotion.
    This isn’t correct.
    I care.
    That’s why i am doing this, like it or not.
    You can disagree if you want but the Ideas and possibilities I put forward you cannot ignore.
    Because it is the Truth.
    And if you ignore the Truth so be it… you only fool yourself.
    Not my problem.

  2. FritzFreud says:

    Here is some food for thought for all you useless eaters…
    Been analyzing this Video Max spoke about on Reddit.

    Link here:
    Who was the woman in blue behind Stacey Plaskett during her speech to Congress?

    This one is creepy but I wrote about this before

    The Harry Potter Society of Global Fascism

    What I wrote then seems to be totally true.
    Am I a prophet? NO way.
    I’m am just a concerned citizen curious to all possibilities.
    As we are controlled by the Jewish Occult this one is straight out of Harry Potter in real.
    Mind control is real folks.

    The Imperius Curse
    The Imperius Curse (Imperio) was a tool of the Dark Arts, and was one of the three Unforgivable Curses. When cast successfully, the curse placed the victim completely under the caster’s control, making the victim unquestionably obedient to the caster.