9 Responses to “Macron – “It’s the video games, and social media…””

  1. John says:

    If you don’t defend your land it will be taken from you. The incoming force looking for a life upgrade will always be more driven than the comfortable indigenous population too lazy to defend their homeland. The problems in France are just the start. Personally I think it’s all over bar the shouting and the indigenous French and British should be looking at where to go when they get evicted. Common sense and the open agenda clearly tell you where this is going. For some reason the white man has to be extinguished. Why is the question. If you follow the work of Jason Breshears you discover the white man never existed before the flood. He appeared after. He is alien to this world. He is not from here, does not belong here and it’s clear he is being extinguished.

    • ian says:

      Which flood John?

      • John says:

        According to Brashears the great flood of Noah when the vapor canopy collapsed.

        • ian says:

          Thanks John. I get swamped, by all the various varieties of supposed histories. Not saying Brashears is wrong. I obviously, in fact very obviously don’t know. It’s just that, we get official history, which is obviously tampered with for an agenda, and we know not to trust it, then many writers write alternative versions, which to my limited capacity, seem a mixture of history, folklore, fairy tales, and artistic licence. Why I questioned the flood was, that the Noah story in the Bible is obviously fake. Disregard the fact that there isn’t enough water to completely flood the earth, but imagine trying to get together a male and a female of all the animals in the world onto a boat. Impossible. Most of the bible stories are from within about a hundred mile radius in the ME. Now I could imagine an unusual flood there which would be a massive event, and the Noah story could be their reasoning for why the world still survived. I don’t know, but just find much of the Bible with it’s reference to talking snakes etc to be bunkum, and many of the alternative versions which are readily accepted as alternatives, don’t cut it either when you use common sense. Perhaps my rebellious streak makes me challenge authority too much. I don’t know. Sorry John it’s just how it seems to me, an uneducated peasant.

  2. Chris x says:

    This is coming to all of Europe due to the deliberate flooding of third world migrants by the banker puppet presidents and prime ministers.

    Sweden has no go areas where parcel companies will not deliver.

    All because the citizens (sheep) are more interested in beer, cigarettes, sport, TV and social media.

    Wait until the economy crashes and then it will get very interesting.

    • ian says:

      I feel that you’re being a little unfair Chris. The masses, hard of thinking, sheeple etc, have been deliberately mislead all their lives by the owners. It is difficult to suffer once you know the score, and the retards will take us with them, but most are decent content, controlled sheep, who know that they are correct, and that you and I are tinfoil hat etc. I was sent to Coventry for speaking out about 9/11 and Afghanistan, Iraq etc. The people who did it, still think that they were correct and I was mentally ill. I was, due to their actions depressed. They still wont get it even at the end.

      • Chris x says:

        I agree that they have been brainwashed by the MSM Ian, but they will take us all down with their stupidity. I know of highly educated people (PhD and Oxbridge professor) who have taken the vaccines and believe the official view of 9/11.

        I only really talk to fellow truthers now.

        • ian says:

          Aye I know Chris, I’m sorry pal you’re correct. They will. I don’t want to condemn them, but you’re correct.

  3. Gordon says:

    Ehhh! “Macron – “It’s the video games, and social media…””
    More like The Hunger Games and The Socialites.