Lord Grafton Grows Solar Panels

The title of Duke of Grafton was created in 1675 by King Charles II for his illegitimate son, Henry FitzRoy, with his long term mistress Barbara Villiers, Duchess of Cleveland. The actual title of Grafton refers to the Honour of Grafton in Northamptonshire.

May I assume the Duke is a comrade of Queen ‘not my king’ Charley? The Euston Estate Manager is Andrew Blenkiron. They plant solar panels in East Anglian fields, traditionally used for growing food and rearing livestock. What are solar panels made of? Does the process involve any form of earth excavation? I assume the process is all environmentally friendly and the labour is managed under excellent working conditions. It seems this company supplied the solar panel seeds:
Alpaca. What a lovely, warm, cuddly name.

It seems to also involve a company called Boom Power; oh dear, boom boom! I’m reminded of TV fox Basil Brush and it may as well be managed by a puppet with a hand up its arse…

From a section titled: CLIMATE CHANGE & ECOLOGY.

‘According to the UN, climate change is the ‘defining crisis of our time and it is happening even more quickly than we feared’. We have to create more renewable energy.’


‘The UK Government has committed to reducing economy-wide greenhouse gas emissions by at least 68 percent by 2030, compared to 1990 levels. In addition to this, the Government has made a legal commitment to cut carbon emissions to net zero by 2050.’

More bullshit.

‘This will require a rapid and expanded deployment of low carbon power, including solar. We recognise the importance of environmental protection and betterment as part of our commitment to operating sustainably and responsibly. We procure independent qualified ecologist advice to measure the biodiversity value of each project, and to design enhancements to deliver a net biodiversity gain.’

Bullshit continuum. Exactly what is ‘a net biodiversity gain’? Bullshit detector. Boom! Boom!!

‘At our solar farms, this generally results in improvements to natural habitats for a range of invertebrates, small mammals, reptiles and birds. Arable land is generally intensively farmed which can have an adverse impact on soil quality over time. The transition to grassland, introduction of areas of meadow around the external fencing and sheep grazing allows the soil quality to improve. This also provides suitable habitat and food sources for wildlife throughout the food chain. Significant benefits are also gained through the eradication of fertilizer and pesticide use, advancing the quality of both land and waterways.’

End of sample bullshit quotes. Yes, we can have a discussion about fertilizer and pesticide use, soil quality and the effects of chemicals on insects and wildlife, but there is NO climate emergency, there is no carbon dioxide induced climate change and is this entire project at all associated to taxpayer funded subsidy? I don’t know, but I wouldn’t bet against it.

The UK Government’s approach to delivering the Global Goals: at home and around the world.
Minor point. What business is ‘around the world’ of the UK government?
I digress.

Billionaires of the uniparty globalist mindset, Biden, Billy Gates, the €U and usual eco-fascist twits and twerps talk about ‘blocking’ the sun to combat climate change. I assume this is a nothing burger and the sun will not be blocked. However, after covid1984, Parish News articles celebrating fund raising efforts for the neocon NATO Ukrainian Nazi campaign and governments world-wide insisting we have a climate change emergency, it gets to the stage where anything is possible for these insane psychopathic bimbo brains. Is sun block, not the pharmaceutical cream crap that has possibly contributed to skin cancer for decades, but literal blocking out the sunshine sun block, a real thing? May I ask, dare I ask, how do you charge solar panels without adequate sunshine?

They say sheep, cows, pigs and livestock give off methane detrimental to the atmosphere. They are teaching this nonsense in schools. From https://www.eustonhall.co.uk/estate, under the section THE FARM, it states:

‘There are also 13Mw of solar PV panels on 55 acres, supplying enough electricity to the national grid for 6,000 homes.
Euston enjoys a special relationship with Barnham CEVC Primary School, situated in the neighbouring village of Barnham.’

That’s right kids. After making you wear face nappies to fend off the deadly covid1984 virus that may or may not exist, but if it does, apparently doesn’t threaten children, we want you to embrace the chance to change your sexual identity, perhaps a spot of genital surgery or breast removal, and just to complete the moulding of a young cultural Marxist indoctrinated mind, we must change the climate to prevent climate change.

Where’s BBC Disinformation Correspondent Marijuanna Spring when you need her? I desperately need someone to say ‘Time for bloody bed!’

God help us! Now, please!


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3 Responses to “Lord Grafton Grows Solar Panels”

  1. newensign says:

    A good point NPP, they are using solar farms as another means to reduce available farming land, together with re-wilding and building on good agricultural land in the flood plains to house more immigrants/asylum seekers. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that more people less growing land is a disaster in the making!!!

  2. ian says:

    Control the food you control the people. They’re moving in every direction to achieve total contro of the people. Global warming is just an excuse to destroy food crops.

  3. NPP says:

    Carbon zero is founded upon a lie. The rest is founded upon a lie.
    Do not submit to lies.