19 Responses to “Level with Me (2023) 480P [SD]. #NASALies. Hibbeler productions third part of the level series.”

  1. ian says:

    He starts off saying that if we believe the conventional science without being able to observe it ie curvature, then it’s a religion. He then speculates other things that we can’t observe are the truth. Bollocks. Flat earth theory is a government psyop to discredit internet researchers. Just one little point re curvature. The circumference of the earth in Thousands of miles is approximately within an inch or so the same as the circumference of a soccer ball in inches. Two dots one inch apart on the ball are the equivalent to 1000 miles on earth. Not much curvature there and less within the distance you can see. I could go on but for those who want to believe it, they can.

  2. Steve Kettle says:

    This is probably the only subject we have disagreement on Ian…. The formulae for curvature is 8″ per mile squared which should make it visible. Many long distance photographs prove there is no curvature. Ships going over the horizon is also proven to be false as if you look through binoculars or a telescope the ship is again visible all the way down to the waterline.
    Hundreds of experiments have been carried out that prove no curvature, in fact a team of engineers and scientists from a university in Brazil spent nearly 2 years devising and carrying out experiments to prove curvature and found none. They all ended up believing the earth was flat. I think the film was called “Terra Firma” but is hard to find.
    Have you studied the experiments by noted scientists Michelson/Morley, Sagnac, Airey? who carried out experiments to prove the Earth was in motion but ended up proving the opposite.
    If you can find it watch the film “The Principle” which is about the much trumpeted at the time investigation of the background radiation from “Space” which was supposed to tell us much about the origins of the “Universe”. When they analysed the data they found the Earth was the centre of everything…. so they thought they’d made a mistake and redid the analysis, the results were the same so the whole project was dropped.
    Can you name me one proof of curvature or explain how a positively pressurised atmosphere like we have supposedly have around the Earth can exist next to the “vast vacuum of space” without the atmosphere being ripped off? Vacuum’s are incredibly powerful, if it was supposedly “Gravity” that keeps it there we’d all be stuck to the ground like limpets unable to move.
    Many things point to the lie of the globe but I’ve seen none which prove it once you study the Flat Earth model.
    I’m not saying l’m 100% sure it’s correct but I am 100% sure the “Globe’ is bollix.
    And lastly Ian this isn’t an attempt to fall out just an interesting debate, I agree there is a pysop going on but I think the globe is it.

    • ian says:

      You believe what you like Steve. Why does the water go down the plughole spinning in the other direction in Aus. How does the sun come up full size. why do the stars appear to spin round a pole. I also suspect that the information you quote is part of the psy op. Air has weight and thus is attracted by gravity. END OF. BELIEVE what you like, but we don’t need TapNews destroyed with this flat earth bollocks.

      • pete fairhurst 2 says:

        Agreed Ian. We are all free to believe what we want as you say but “flat” earth is a big stretch for most

        Nature doesn’t really do “flat” does it? What other examples of “flat” exist in nature?

        But nature certainly does “round”. All we need to do is look around us to know that for certain

      • Steve Kettle says:

        There’s nev

        Gravity is STILL a theory Ian, density is what makes things either float or rise. Yes why do the stars appear to “spin” around a pole and have done for thousands of years when we’re supposedly hurtling through “space” at at least two and a quarter million miles an hour in 4 different rotational directions at the same time, The configuration of the stars hasn’t changed in thousands of years… and there’s never been any evidence of parallax ever observed. show me one proof of curvature??

      • Steve Kettle says:

        How can TapNews be destroyed by having an intelligent Debate Ian?? Enlighten me….

        • ian says:

          Flat earth theory is absolute rubbish Steve. and any time taken up debating it is time that could be better spent.

          • Steve Kettle says:

            Yes Ian I agree, I think that was the reason Neil De Grass Tyson gave for continually refusing to debate Eric Dubay….
            The trouble is Ian too many people spend their time reading and commenting on sites and do nothing else. That’s one of the things I’ve got against the UK Column, how long have they been going? I used to go to their conferences about 10 or more years back, and still they’re not offering any solutions. The last time I contacted Mike Robinson about something he suggested writing to my MP!!! FFS when has that ever achieved owt?? By now they should have a large movement opposing all sorts of issues and offering solutions.
            Do you still pay your Council Tax, Income tax Ian? I’ve paid neither for 4 years, stopped paying my mortgage last year so I’ve got possession claim taking place now, and yes I do know the courts are corrupt as hell, I’ve witnessed it. Fought the last 2 “speeding” fines I got and stopped them.
            Are you a member of any Rapid Response Groups Ian? You can help out at evictions or bailiff visits, gives you a buzz seeing them walk off with their tail between their legs.
            Blogs like the Tap are useful but we need to do a lot more as well.

            • ian says:

              Ok Steve, you’re obviously more involved with practical work than me, and you are to be commended for it. I would find it quite difficult to get involved as you do. Re UK Column, yes I get your point, but they do get good information out in a manner suitably for those just waking up and the awake alike. If they got practical they’d likely be destroyed.

              My only beef is the flat Earth theory. I was into astronomy in a fairly big way for a few years. I packed it in, as, living in SW Scotland, you can observe on about two nights a year due to weather. I honestly believe that it is a psy op to discredit the internet truth movement, as some of the videos are really well made. I was on Fake book for a while and FE was one of the resons I came off it.I would do as I did here, and say it was rubbish. Someone would send me a video and say, well what about this. I’d watch it 9 or 10 times, and pull most of it to bits. Then they’d send another and say well what about this….. I decided that it’s not my job to decipher videos for hours.

              Little things however can be useful in debunking them. eg they say that diverging sun rays prove the sun is lower in the sky, but sometimes using that theory the sun would have to be just a thousand feet up. The moon is real, look at it through a good telescope, you’ll be left in no doubt. How would they work the stars spinning in two different directions in the northern and southern hemisphere… I could go on and on.

              I do not believe in NASA lies though and Im sure that they’ve never been beyond low Earth orbit.

              I’m not getting at you Steve, just FE.

              • Steve Kettle says:

                We’ll agree to disagree Ian, to be honest I wouldn’t have touched it with a barge pole for about 18 months and then curiosity got the better of me and I thought I could debunk it easily but here i am….
                One last point on the moon Ian, I watch it a lot, sometimes it rises and falls in front of my house which faces East, sometimes it rises and falls at the back of my house which faces west. It doesn’t actually rise and fall but appears to rotate around a central point, best seen with a crescent moon, It always moves from left to right as l look at it. If it does this when it’s in the east and does it when it’s in the west it would mean the Earth was rotating in different directions each time, lt can’t move from right to left when it’s at the front and at the back of the house with the Earth rotating in the same direction.
                I’ll leave it at that mate cheers.

            • newensign says:

              I agree with you Steve, the globe earth does not make sense. For example the Ordnance Survey relate all their heights back to a stone in Newlyn, Cornwall. The heights are gaged by sighting, so if the earth was a globe by the time they reached the north of England the smallest hill would be several thousand feet high. Ships that disappear over the horizon, but get a powerful telescope and it be watched for 60 miles. Like everything we have been told the globe is a lie. This certainly is nothing to fall out over. Like you say Steve more important to hit the enemy by starving it of funds so more power to your elbow with your fight!

              • ian says:

                Why doesn’t it make sense N’, when every other planet in the solar system is a globe.

              • ian says:

                And when did you get a telescope at sea level and spot a ship sixty miles away, and pray tell me how this fanciful system of your works.

                • newensign says:

                  A friend of mine in the USA did that, but when I was young down at the seaside they had telescopes and you put two pence in and remember seeing large boats and yachts invisible to the naked eye – try it yourself Ian!

                • ian says:

                  I’m not going to be cheeky N’, but I’m going to take a lot more convincing than a friend in the US did it. How do you see our earth, other than it’s not as sold to us. I have charts of sunrise times affected by latitude, not longitude which would be obvious. How do they have winter in Aus with the stars rotating clockwise, while here it’s summer with stars rotating anti clockwise. Dark in Aus but light here and sun rising over the horizon full size and going down the same. Your ordinance survey claims are wrong, as the directions and distances are worked out using trigonometry from trig points, and the height being measured by altimeter.

  3. newensign says:

    The trig points were set up originally by the method I mentioned in more ancient times, which again is by sighting. No need to do it from base (Newlyn) and the OS will tell you that they all relate back to that point.

  4. ian says:

    Mark my words. FE is a US government Psy-op. It is designed to discredit the internet truth seekers.