2 Responses to “Laurence Fox TOLD He Needs PERMISSION To Hug His Own Kid”

  1. ian says:

    That our governments are merely tools of the owners, is now openly visible and obvious. Tackling this by speaking to the school puppets, or government puppets, is futile. It’s like asking hospital cleaners to change the way that surgeons operate. Non compliance, and spreading the word might be our best option. Laurence Fox seems to be in the news a lot. He’s tidily dressed and hasn’t much of an accent so he’s clever. Funny how that works isn’t it. Two men on a park bench. One well dressed and without an obvious dialect, the other scruffy and Scouse or Scottish. You instinctively assume that the better dressed is smarter. in reality it is no guide. Look at the plandemic for proof of that. It is still in our genetic make up to take guidance or direction from a well dressed better spoken individual. You’d never see a newsreader in jeans and teashirt. In reality it wouldn’t matter if he wore bib and brace overalls and a cap, as he’s reading a script. It does however matter psychologically. Sorry for the rant, but I find these things fascinating.

    • Belyi says:

      I find them interesting too, Ian. I started at a well-considered private school many, many years ago and even at age five, I remember my Dad saying that the teachers were all socialists…although I was too young to understand his reason.

      Laurence Fox is surely able to take his children out of school and have them educated at home or, if he wants them to learn that which a school was always supposed to teach, see if they can join a small home-school group.