Judaism as a Self-Terminating Religion

Nick Kollerstrom – The Unz Review July 18, 2023

Untrue stories exist at each end of Jewish history’s three thousand years – fictional, fabricated and of immense magnitude. We may start in the tenth century BCE, where archaeologists have after diligent study found no trace of King Solomon, his Temple or his empire. Half a century of intensive excavation of the Holy Land has now reached that conclusion. The alleged mighty empire of David and Solomon, stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates – on the basis of which the modern state of Israel was formed – did not exist. Meanwhile the Bible makes no mention of the great empire of Egypt, which really did in that period stretch from the Nile to the Euphrates. These things must be relegated to storyland, like Moses parting the Red Sea. Experts were finally attaining this negative conclusion as the new millennium dawned, e.g. –

  • Mythic Past, Biblical Archaeology and the Myth of Israel, Thomas Thompson, 1999
  • David and Solomon, In search of the Bible’s sacred Kings, Israel Finklestein and N.A. Silberman, 2006
  • The Quest for the Historical Israel, Finklestein and A. Mazar, 2007
  • The Invention of the Jewish People, Shlomo Sand, 2009
  • Palestine, a Four Thousand Year History, Nur Masala, 2018.

Moses, Wikipedia assures us, is just a myth. ‘The Exodus’, traditionally the basis of Jewish self-identity and the most-told narrative in the western world,[1] spawns great conferences which tend to end up with the same threefold negation:

  • no evidence for the Children of Israel in Egypt or escaping therefrom,
  • no evidence of their trekking across the Sinai desert
  • no evidence of them storming into Canaan and conquering the locals.

In modern times, Jews were given land in Palestine and called it ‘Israel.’ Inspired by a great hope, their conviction was that archaeology would validate their epic history, as it had unfolded through past millennia. They went to work with a trowel in one hand and the Bible in the other but received a big shock. The Holy Land did indeed reveal to them centuries of devout monotheism during the time recorded by their ancient scriptures – but, it was a reverence for the Goddess, as shown by the thousands of figurines dug up everywhere in Judea where they excavated. They were all similar with head, torso and large naked breasts.[2] Nor could any trace be discerned of a fierce invasion of Canaan by the Children of Israel as their texts averred, plus the odd record of their Jehovah-god had him with a partner, his ‘Asherath.’

It was discovered that, in the tenth century BCE there had been an intensive drought (the ‘Mycenaean Drought’ which spread across the whole Eastern Mediterranean, lasting for a couple of centuries, which caused many farms and villages to be abandoned. Jerusalem, built on a mountain, had little by way of water supply or fertile land and may well have then been uninhabited, or at best it was a small village selling olives – that’s all. It had no king because there were no kingdoms. Only a century later did the little kingdoms in Canaan – viz. Judea, Ephraim, Samaria/Israel, Moab and Edom, etc. – start to develop, as the drought eased off and the grip of Egypt’s empire weakened. The main cities having temples were then Samaria and Megiddio but not Jerusalem – the latter only grew into the thriving capital city of Judea a few centuries later.

Ancient Israel was sometimes called Samaria and the Assyrians alluded to it as the land of Omri or Omrides, king Omri being its first king. ‘Israel’ may have been more the name of a people than a nation-state. As a region West of the river Jordan – south of Galilee and north of Ephraim and Judea – it was wiped out forever in 720 BCE after it made the mistake of challenging the mighty Assyrian empire. Israel was defeated and absorbed by the Assyrian army, then Hebrews started moving south to Judea which grew strong and prosperous.

Hebrew scriptures told of a brutal god:

Anything devoted to destruction is most holy to the Lord

(Leviticus 27:28) and gave heroic-but-fictional accounts of the wiping out cities, slaying of armies, grabbing the loot, etc., with a god constantly reassuring them that they were the apple of His eye and inherently superior to other peoples.

That narrative, whereby they were chosen, has been disintegrating during the 20th century. The hope at the foundation of modern Israel is in the process of self-extinguishing, as the full implications of the whole history-that-never-happened continue to unfold. The learned opus by professor Shlomo Sand, The Invention of the Jewish People, well reviewed this process of self-knowledge, a process of cultural implosion, of apprehending that which had not historically existed.

Jews today hardly believe any longer in the god of Deuteronomy or Leviticus. To quote the view of a modern Egyptologist:

The rules he [Yahweh] laid down … were draconian in the extreme, and the deity’s will utterly barbaric. Alien groups whose actions or even presence were deemed in opposition to Israel are consigned to genocidal slaughter at the behest of Yahweh (Exod. 17:14; Num. 31; 1 Sam. 15:3); even fraternization with foreigners brings the plague (Num. 25:9, 18). Anyone who dissents Yahweh burns up (Num. 11:1-3; 16:35); anyone who complains he strikes with plague (Num. 11:33; 14:37; 16:49), or sends poisonous snakes after (Num. 21:6). Aberrant cultic practices, even though indulged in innocently, bring death (Exod. 32:35; Num. 15 :37-40).[3]

With belief in their Yahweh god fading, can their collective identity endure?

The science of genetics looked as if it would come to the rescue, and the search for an ‘Abraham gene’ was on. Or, would it merely show that European Jews had come from Khazaria, an empire on the steppes of Russia which broke up in the tenth century, as Arthur Koestler had argued?[4]Koestler’s thesis remains moderately credible, though the historical record is scant: ‘Khazaria collapsed some time before the first indications of the presence of Jews in Eastern Europe, and it is difficult not to connect he two.” (Sand, p.246)

As regards the genetic studies, Shlomo Sand reckoned that, “The bottom line is that, after all the costly ‘scientific’ endeavors, a Jewish individual cannot be defined by any biological criteria whatsoever.” (Sand, p.278) Modern Israel had become, Sand concluded,

‘a state whose main purpose is to serve, not a civil-egalitarian demos, but a biological-religious ethnos that is wholly fictitious. (p.307)

He was doubtful, as to whether that could endure.

Jews have always had a strong collective being. As an intellectual and cosmopolitan people they tend to lack an inherent connection to a land, a country, a geography. Their self-perception is a continual merry-go-round as to whether they exist as a race, nation or religion. The Hebrew script does extend right back to the 8th century BCE being one of the very first alphabetical scripts and the only one that has endured for so long. It is their story which unfolds over millennia that confers upon them their ‘we,’ binding them together. Their power comes from getting others to believe it.

Today, excitement thrums around the so-called Temple Mount in Jerusalem where Jews plan to build the Third Temple. Surely they cannot do so because no ‘First Temple’ ever existed, no temple was ever built on that site.[5] No Hebrew temple was built at the top of a mountain, whereas the Romans always built their forts at the highest point of a locality. That large, flat surface of 35 acres was built as the site of the Roman Tenth Legion and has amazingly lasted for two thousand years. There never was a Temple of Solomon or ruins thereof on it or underneath it.[6] That wall the Jews pray to is the side of a fort where dwelt the Tenth Legion – the one that helped to wipe out a million Jews[7] in 70 AD.

This could be a time for Christians to pay attention to the verse “Do not believe the stories of the Jews’ (Titus 1:14).

Comparing the land of Israel as it was formed in 1949 (see map) with the ancient land, one notes with amusement that the so-called ‘West Bank’ area, where ancient Israel did actually exist (see map) was excluded! That indicates a degree of historical confusion. Also, how come they got to claim that large chunk of the Sinai desert, nowhere near either ancient Israel or Judea?

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Three millennia later, we arrive at a comparably massive untruth. The story of the Holocaust served to confer upon Jews their special ‘chosen’ identity in the 20th century. It came to the rescue, by employing a dualism whereby the Nazis of WW2 were Evil, and the Jews whom they targeted were Good. That Manichean dualism of good-versus-evil was established at the post-war Nuremberg trials, since when it has been promulgated relentlessly through the entertainment industry. If Jews had been rounded up by the evil Nazis, then by that modern secular criterion they could re-emerge as the Chosen Ones. It’s quite simple, just watch Stephen Spielberg.

This theme has been explored in Gilad Atzmon’s The Wandering Who?:

Yeshayahu Leibowitz, the philosopher who was an observant orthodox Jew, told me once: “The Jewish religion died 200 years ago. Now there is nothing that unifies the Jews around the world apart from the Holocaust” Remember what? Remember how? Uri Avnery 19.3.05[8]

[N.B., Atzmon, a Sephardic Jew who grew up in Israel and served in the IDF, was found guilty of ‘antisemitism’ in Marylebone Magistrate’s court – sued successfully by the Campaign Against Antisemitism! It was surreal: those guys just don’t know when to stop.]

Towards the end of the 20th century as belief in the origin stories was fading away, the Holohoax morphed into a fearsome modern religion, in which belief is compulsory. As a passport of identityit confers upon Jews a unity and reinforces their special status. Nowadays a mere statue of Anne Frank can conjure up the narrative.

How great an effect does such an untruth exert upon our world! As a science historian I appeal for a recognition of the way in which normal hygiene technology did then operate, in the German labour-camps.[9] Debate on this topic is prohibited because the Establishment knows that it will lose the argument. As to why they need to hang onto it, let us have the courage to answer that question.

Certainly, in WW2 the deadly Nazi cyanide gas chambers were most efficient and they killed millions. Yes. They killed millions of bugs, not jews. Is it not time Jews stopped trying to confuse themselves with bugs? It is undignified. Because of their high IQ their continual claim that it was they, not bugs, that the Zyklon killed continues to warp our whole culture.

Take the fact that around 40% of labour-camp inmates were Jewish. That is unbearable, and why is it unbearable? We are not allowed to discuss it even though it comes from public-domain information.[10] It is unbearable because it would destroy the ‘chosen’ status of Jews. They comprised less than half of the camp inmates. But that would mean they were no longer special. Whereas, it is OK to say that homosexuals were rounded up and likewise doomed to go into the ‘death camps.’ They are allowed to share the virtue of being rounded up by Ze Evil Nazis. They can participate in the fictional narrative because they would be very few in relation to the Jews and so their imaginary presence would not invalidate the holy, sacred doom of the Jews.

Or, take another simple fact: mortality of Jews in the camps was on average no different from other inmates, i.e. overall, they died at much the same rate. It is (I suggest) preferable to avoid giving numbers, so relentless has been the mental programming in that realm. People have padlocked minds and you’ll only get a short soundbite on the matter, if that. Nonetheless if humanity wants a constructive future it needs to endure open discussion on this topic, painful though it may be. Let’s be crystal-clear that the Revisionist is going to win any such debate. Try this for a short soundbite: ‘More Catholics than Jews died at Auschwitz.’[11] Simple facts like this could (I suggest) be effective. Or if you prefer to avoid using the J-word, how about: nobody died of gas in WW2; or maybe: ‘Large human gas chambers have never existed in human history .’ Such simple affirmations can clear away fear and horror. Or, an allusion to the colour pink should be fairly non-threatening, maybe? Try saying, ‘Shame they got the colour wrong’. Death by cyanide leaves a bright pink body, a result of its oxygen-denial mechanism and there was not a single allusion to a pink corpse in any German labour-camp made at Nuremberg,[12] or anywhere else. Bad science – they got the colour wrong! Or, try this short quip used by Kevin Barrett: Once Zyklon started to be introduced into the German labour-camps, in the summer of 1942, mortality went down, not up.

These soundbites are short enough that you might just be able to get them in before the key of the mental padlock is turned.[13]

Christians need to apprehend that it is not a virtue to believe in that which never existed. That won’t save your soul. At both ends of the amazing three-thousand years of Jewish history are tremendous phantoms, imaginations which we the Goyim have been led to believe. That which never was, which never had existence is inscribed as fact in books the whole world over. We need a collective therapy experience of discussing What Really Happened. Only the power of Truth can save us now. Are we capable of that?

Judaism we may conclude must inevitably self-terminate in this 21st century, simply because of the intellectual power of modern Jews, who cannot hope to avoid seeing how their identity-defining narratives have disintegrated. They were tremendous stories, but were never true.

Relevant texts: Shlomo Sand, Invention of the Jewish People 1999; Gilad Atzmon, The Wandering Who? 2011; John Tiffany, Fountain of Fairytales a Scholarly Romp through the Old Testament, 2013; N.K. Breaking the Spell, the Holocaust Myth and Reality, 2014.


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[7] Over one million killed: Josephus The Wars of the Jews; the Roman historian Tacitus has less, 600,000.

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[13] For the changing zeitgeist on this topic, compare Ron Unz’s 2017 article russia-insider.com/en/mainstream-holocaust-narrative-substantially-if-not-entirely-false-editor-top-us-conservative-site with his more recent www.unz.com/runz/american-pravda-harvard-racial-discrimination-and-holocaust-denial/


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8 Responses to “Judaism as a Self-Terminating Religion”

  1. FritzFreud says:

    Good article…
    There are a few points I like to add:
    1) Zyclon B was invented by Fritz Faber…
    Fritz Faber was a Jew and killed Millions.
    2) The Jews themselves are being Braniwashed to be Jews…. and Jews and Freemasons alike play the role of the Devil in the Scriptures to make the gullible believe in God.
    Religion is the basics of Mind Control.
    3) The Tower of Babylon was a real event and there started the Freemason & Jewish Religion alike at the same time.
    From there on they led us to build Nations and implode them from within.
    What happened in Germany 100 years ago…
    What happens in the USA (and the world) today can be traced back to the Tower of Babel.
    4) The Rothchilds are the Offspring of Nimrod i.e. the Sumerian God/King Bloodline.
    They were the Pharaohs…
    They were Cesar….
    The Leaders of Men… leading us into self destruction.
    5) The Khazar’s at around 1000bc had a second diaspora where they to this day are connected by their Occult Network and rule the world. Everything is planned exactly like they want it
    6) The Cult of Molech… Bohemian Grove / Freemasons is the WEF IMF CFR and so on… it is a Death Cult
    7) CHINA
    Most people don’t know this but China today is ruled by the Manchu.
    Chinese people are Han.
    The Manchu at the second Diaspora came drom the Khazaarian Empire and settled in Manchuria around 1000 bc.
    When they grew in strength they took over CHINA.
    The last Emperor was a Manchu.
    The Manchu are Jews of China.
    And the CCP is 100% Manchu.


  2. newensign says:

    The word Jew does not exist in the original Scriptures, the Edomites wrote it in themselves and are imposters. The Bible warns us to be warry of the seed of the woman for it will break the neck of Jacob – true Israel. They give themselves away by claiming in order to be a Jew your mother has to be a Jew! True Hebrews claim their descent through the male line. The tribe of Judah found in Germany, Scotland and Ireland being true Judah were the sceptre tribe to rule the other tribes and known for their music and inventions.

  3. FritzFreud says:

    Israel is an abbreviation…
    There you have the connection of the true Gods of Israel and the connection to their Bloodlines and why they think they are of God.

  4. newensign says:

    There is only one “God” of Israel Fritz. God is a title (giver of domain) which the Masorite Jews removed the name of the creator and replaced it with titles such as God and Lord (BAAL), Most of the western Bibles used this text hence enabling the Edomite Jews to infiltrate the church and turn them into Jew worshippers that is why Eastern European Christians are more Jew savvy as they use the Septuagint Bible that wasn’t contaminated by the Masorites.

    • FritzFreud says:

      You are right…
      The term God (as in supreme being) refers to an Alien Race of beings NOT to one individual.
      And I look at the Hindu and ancient religions even the Chinese and Japanese who clearly state that their first emperors came from a Dragon Race of beings.
      Dragon, Draco, Anunaki, Children of the Sun.
      They are an Alien Race the reason of our exitenz… our creators.
      The Abrahamic Religions are based on a Pyramid scheme with God as the supreme Ruler.
      This is a Lie.
      It is more like this:
      They are an Alien Race pretending to be God in order to use the Human Race, especially the white race.
      We are too advanced to be used.
      So they want to destroy and control us now.

  5. ian says:

    Memo to self. Don’t post religious articles.

    • Gordon says:

      LOL. When I saw this article I knew it was going to be controversial with at least two other readers and possibly three, not including myself, and therefore decided not to comment but to hang back and wait for the party to begin. That said, I know Newensign and I are of one mind with a better understanding of whom God is and who Israel is, without question.

      The ancient religions FritzFreud refers to stem from Cain pre-flood and Nimrod king of Babylon post-flood. The Dragon is the Serpent race while Draco is just another name for the Dragon – Serpent. The Annunaki are “part” of the Fallen Ones who descended from the heavens to earth and mingled with women and produced hybridized men -The Giants of old, the spirits of which, Demons, are the curse of man today.

      • FritzFreud says:

        FYI… and that is not to diss anything you say…
        The picture here I have taken a long time ago when I bought my Pentax K10D.
        It is the opening of a lily stem magnified with a 300mm Zoom.
        I took a series of pictures and on 4 of them I had this shown… some kind of “ant” or so but if you print it out on Photographic paper you clearly see shoulders a tail hands and feet.
        Yet it is only about 2mm in size.
        Somehow this triggered an understanding that all life is energy.
        Going with this knowledge to research knowing that behind ghost stories and Demonology really is just life in a different form requiring a different understanding.
        The Logic behind these “Energy Beings” or Dragons is that they are real… and if you research the Occult they want to be willingly possessed…
        Possessed by whom?
        Draco… Angels… Demons… just the same… life in a different form needing different understanding.
        I could go further but this is just to explain where I am coming from.
        I am a natural Unbeliever.
        But I am a good person seeking Truth and going to the debts of whatever crosses my way to find the Truth.
        And what I found out I now want to share with this world.
        I spend years in China and Asia and I love the people and I love the culture.
        We could learn a lot from the east.
        I did.
        I always ask myself why people need Religion… why do we need to believe in anything and why is Religion so Organized?
        Because Religion is Mind Control.
        Knowledge is power.