I Guess That’s Why They Call It Les Bleus

France burns.
Macron goes to an Elton John gig.
Vive l’immigration de masse.
Oh là là…. he’s bored with being the French President. He seeks the €U presidency.

Macron, Blair, Sunak, Johnson, Starmer, Trudeau, Rutte, Scholz, van der Leyen, Josep Borrell, Biden, Obama, Clinton, Zelenskyy… it goes on and on and on. One damned official arsehole after another. War. Lies. Strings pulled by puppet masters, again and again, over and over and the majority of people wallow in apathy and acquiescence. Put a mask on, stand apart, submit to a useless test that is not a diagnostic and roll your sleeve up.

Boat after boat after boat brings unfettered immigration to be housed and fed while English people sleep rough in doorways and streets. Traitors like Tobias Ellewood, allegedly serving with the 77th Brigade, who spied on us, while he’s a sitting MP, call for war, war, war without challenge from the insipid, co-conspiring, weak, feckless media. Laura Kuenssberg calls the Russian Ambassador a liar to his face while BBC presstitute Nick Robinson will cry that his entire family were murdered by WWII Nazis, but today we should support Nazis in Ukraine. But, they’re not real Nazis? They wear the insignia and make the salutes, but in Monty Python clown world continuum Roundabout land Marijuanna Spring is a Disinformation Correspondent, black is white, day is night, war is peace, Sniffer Biden secured a record 81 million votes campaigning from his basement and the climate of the world can be over-ridden by us, the all-powerful little human being; more powerful than the sun, the planets, the oceans, the volcanoes and any and all other factors whether electro-magnetic or means of influence I’m unaware of.

Skin tone. The media are obsessed with it. We, the ordinary bod in the street, don’t care about bloody skin tone, but there is only so much space, money and resources on this tiny island while a whole wider world of space and resources is all about. Of course, this feckless population tolerated government after government to bomb and interfere in nations abroad and today the affected come in their hordes to our shores, to our villages and towns and unless we take action now, will take over us.

We have a GOO problem; a Government Of Occupation. Who controls the GOO? What does it matter if we the mass population merely stood up, spoke up, kicked Sunak, Starmer, Davey, the Communist Greens et all out and reacted with a resounding no! We have a naval force to protect our waters, so let’s use it and simply return any illegal intruders back to Macron from whence they came.

Yes, I spell Emmanuel Macron as Emannuelle because he is a little tart to his puppet masters. As for Elton John with his hair transplant and purchased children, go live in France chubby little rocket man and take Eddie Izzard with his meat and two veg parading as a female genitalia with you.

Reclaim our Heritage.

Go about 5mins 30 seconds into this video to read the translation of a Frenchman analysing the situation for about 5 mins; sit tight and allow the rioters to bring down the regime and fight the lefties who espouse open borders. Those who voted for Macron must learn their lesson.

Additional bits & pieces…
Enoch Powell Responds to Being Called A Racist on The Dick Cavett Show
14 May 1971, Enoch Powell and Jonathan Miller.

Miller responds and within seconds offers up word soup gobbledygook from the Stephen Fry book of ‘I’ve memorised and can regurgitate the Oxford English Dictionary’.
Miller says, ‘It’s what philosophers call ‘performative utterance’, no doubt you are familiar with it.’
Self-appointed clever people love to put words around everything. They are not prejudice about just skin tone, they are prejudice toward all of us perceived as lesser than them. Just imagine a time machine and E. Michael Jones being sat next to Jonathan Miller. Miller then goes onto equate the problem of mass immigration to the growing number of old people being a burden upon the young…

Actor Richard Gere actively encouraging third world occupation of Europe

Imagine a ‘white’ immigrant turned politician in e.g. Nigeria criticising all the ‘black’ Nigerians holding positions of office in Nigeria. It happened in Scotland…





4 Responses to “I Guess That’s Why They Call It Les Bleus”

  1. Chris x says:

    I think it is only time before the riots in France are seen in the UK. The enormous influx of third world migrants over the past couple of decades and the approaching economic recession will be the lighting of the touchpaper.

    • NPP says:

      Sadly, the risk you mention is here.
      In the countryside, there is some security.
      The cities could become very dangerous.
      If & when the ‘English’ men & women (of whatever skin tone or background) eventually rise up, the ‘invaders’ may be in for a shock.

  2. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Thanks Ned for another excellent post

    The French guy on Ryan Dawson is giving good advice to his fellow dissidents. The Macron regime seems to be imploding all by itself, so they can bide their time

    The first Enoch Powell vid with Dick Cavett is very informative too. Powell gives an excellent reply to Cavett asking him if he is racist. The quality of his political oratory is unimaginable today