Gold: The Story of Man’s 6000 Year Obsession


Gold is the most sought after commodity in the history of the world, after the Word of God. The historic and current record keeping of the world’s Gold is only second to the word of God – the king James 1611 Bible (for which it is recorded that historically the Jewish scribes would stop writing and wash every time they came across the name of God before continuing in their work in copying the holy Word of God from one manuscript to another).

The video reveals TWO major secrets: [1] that world as the bible states is 6,000 years old – as the history of gold proves and [2] All the world’s gold is buried in a massive underground super security vault in the Catholic Jesuit owned and controlled – SWITZERLAND. The richest country in the world and where the richest people in the world live – right next to their riches. This country (where the Jesuits are headquartered) is the number one terrorist regime in the world – all the major institutions than ran the – Covid-19 Mark of the Beast Nazi holocaust – are all based or headquartered in SWITZERLAND.

Gold: The Story of Man’s 6000 Year Obsession – VIDEO LINK –


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  1. Belyi says:

    As a Swiss friend says, Switzerland is not a rich country; it’s a country for the rich.