One Response to “Gardens not producing??……from Gordon.”

  1. FritzFreud says:

    Smart Dust it is called…
    Long time ago when Monsanto started they claimed that GMO Food Plants would be Immune against toxins and heavy metals in the earth.
    We asked at that time why?
    Because this is how they operate.
    They cover in laws to compensate for their future crimes.
    They prepared for their crimes in destroying the Soil.
    Depopulation 101
    They prepare for their future crimes.
    They prepare us for their future crimes.
    In Media and Hollywood.
    They then execute their future crimes.
    And the Masses accept it.
    Predictive programming.
    Behavioral Modification Science.

    Who is behind?
    Bill Gates & Elon Musk.
    STARLINK… research this…
    And Bill Gates wants to block out the sun…

    Now AI
    Blocking the sun…
    Where did we hear that one before?
    Right there… The Matrix
    Hollywood Fascism
    Predictive Programming
    AI War