From the Jenin Refugee Camp.


Help us defeat complicity & hypocrisy

Israeli air and land forces are attacking the refugee camp of Jenin, killing at least 11, including children, and injuring many more. Thousands of Palestinians, many ethnically cleansed from the Galilee in 1948, are forced again to flee their homes. Israeli forces have cut off water, electricity and communications, destroyed vital infrastructure and homes, and targeted clinics and ambulances. Jenin is under siege.

Western governments are either “closely monitoring” or “alarmed” at the unattributed “violence,” effectively deepening their already criminal complicity with apartheid Israel and its 75-year-old system of oppression against Indigenous Palestinians. In parallel, and with unprecedented colonial hypocrisy, the same governments have reacted to the illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine with sweeping sanctions and shouting about the sanctity of international law.

Drunk with impunity, Israel’s far-right government, the most fundamentalist and shamelessly racist in its history, is failing to read the grassroots anger brewing underneath, however. Support for Palestinian rights and for BDS has multiplied in recent years. In 2023 alone, investments in Israel’s hi-tech are sharply declining; large pension funds are divesting; G4S has ended all its Israeli business; city councils, churches, trade unions, academic associations, and many artists worldwide have taken effective measures to end complicity with apartheid.

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In 2023, we’ve endured and resisted Israeli fascist pogroms against our towns and villages, another massacre in the besieged Gaza Strip, accelerating annexation and illegal settlement construction, and unmasked genocidal incitement by Israeli leaders. Yet, the International Criminal Court is failing to do its job. The UN Secretary-General has once again duly omitted apartheid Israel’s military from his updated “list of shame” of armed forces committing violence against children in armed conflicts. The UN has done nothing to even investigate apartheid.

While Israel was busy violently destroying parts of the Jenin refugee camp, the Conservative dominated UK House of Commons was busy passing a McCarthyite, anti-Palestinian bill that is designed to repress democracy and civic rights in the UK and shield Israel’s regime of oppression and its illegal settlements from accountability from public bodies and city councils.

The most urgent, fundamental form of solidarity that Palestinians are asking for is pressure to end complicity. We call for more grassroots pressure to end military funding to and military trade with Israel and to ban contracts with and investments in companies involved in Israeli settlements and apartheid, as first steps towards real accountability. 

With your help, the BDS movement is growing its massive intersectional network to cut the links of complicity with Israel’s regime of settler-colonialism, military occupation and apartheid.

Help us defeat complicity and hypocrisy now!


We need to channel our collective global outrage at Israel’s atrocities into strategic campaigning that can force elected officials to end state, corporate and institutional complicity and outrageous hypocrisy, as was done in the struggle to abolish apartheid in South Africa. Palestinians are counting on you.

In solidarity and hope,


Rita and Saleh