Florida County GOP Declares Covid and MRNA Covid Vaccine a ‘Bioweapon’

The Brevard County Republican Executive Committee (BREC) has passed a resolution to ban the COVID-19 vaccine, claiming it and the virus to be a “biological and technological weapon.”

The committee is now asking for support from registered Republicans in the county, state lawmakers, Florida’s Congressional delegation, and Governor Ron DeSantis.

The committee will mail the letter to all state lawmakers representing the region if they receive enough votes.

“Whereas strong and credible evidence has recently been revealed that COVID-19 and COVID-19 injections are biological and technological weapons,” the letter reads.

“On behalf of the preservation of the human race, the Brevard County Republican Party calls upon Governor DeSantis and the state legislature to prohibit the sale and distribution of COVID-19 injections and all related injections in the state of Florida, and for the state Attorney General to immediately seize all COVID-19 injections and mRNA injections in the state of Florida and have a forensic analysis conducted to determine if the ingredients pose a danger to recipients,” it continues.

From The Gateway Pundit:

The letter claims that the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent vaccination campaign have been manipulated and misrepresented by government agencies, fake news media, and tech corporations. It criticizes the mandates and restrictions placed by the Biden administration and argues against the safety and efficacy of the vaccines, alluding to a violation of the Nuremberg Code.


Big Pharma scientist states that Pfizer put cancer-causing agents in the COVID-19 vaccines

July 14, 2023 Sean Adl-Tabatabai News, US

A Big Pharma scientist has revealed that both Pfizer and Moderna put known cancer-causing agents into their Covid injections, which were then used to supposedly inoculate billons of people around the globe.

Microbiologist Kevin McKernan pioneered research on testing some of the covid vaccine vials and discovered dangerous levels of double-stranded DNA plasmids floating around the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

During a recent interview with Peter Sweden, Sasha Latypova said that DNA contamination is “a huge problem because this is replication competent plasmid, it can then invade human cells, it can invade the bacterial cells that live in your gut. So, they go into the bacteria they replicate there, they replicate antibiotic-resistant genes…it can cause sepsis, it can cause cancer, all sorts of issues.”



One Response to “Florida County GOP Declares Covid and MRNA Covid Vaccine a ‘Bioweapon’”

  1. FritzFreud says:

    Covid is a scam.
    It was created to fear you into taking the jabs.
    Inside the jabs is a technology created by DARPA Unit 8200 of the IDF Elon Musk Klaus Schwab & Harvard.
    It is called Neural Lace BCI and it is not a weapon on its own but part of a greater plan.
    The whole plan consist of
    Neural Lace
    Neural Link
    AI Mainframe
    AI on CPU Level (Terminal)
    Boston Dynamics / Tesla Robots
    Automated Police Force
    Automated Government
    Automated Warfare

    With Chip Manufacturers now Implementing AI on every Computer Chip, every IOT device acts like your personal spy reporting back to the AI Mainframe in real time.
    And AI is the Software… it needs nothing else.
    The connection is done BEFORE the Operating System is even installed.
    STARLINK is the Backbone of this Weapon.
    NEURAL LACE gives you the real time identification and is able to read and write your Brainwave Pattern
    NEURAL LINK links you to STARLINK
    And AI will be you new God… a Machine learning God.
    Unless we all rise up now it will be the end of Humanity.