FEAR AND LOATHING IN VILNIUS – Nato Meeting Recap – UKColumn News


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Sources: www.ukcolumn.org/video/uk-column-news-14th-july-2023
– 10 Downing Street on Twitter: Photo of an embracing hug with Zelensky and Sunak
– Washington Post: Zelensky’s angry tweet on NATO membership nearly backfired
– Sky: UK not an Amazon delivery service for weapons to Ukraine, says defence secretary Ben Wallace
– Chay Bowes on Twitter:
“One’s banned all opposition,
The other’s trying to jail his,
One’s cancelled elections,
The other pays him billions,
One’s a corrupt actor playing President,
The other reads instructions from cue cards and is obviously demented.
The “Guardians of freedom” indeed.”
– Reuters: France to supply Ukraine with long-range cruise missiles
– Barron’s: First French Long-range Missiles Already In Ukraine
– AFP News Agency: France has already made a delivery of a number of SCALP long-range cruise missiles to Ukraine
– Ukraine Weapons Tracker: The remains of a UK-supplied Storm Shadow cruise missile used by the Ukrainian Air Force to strike the Berdyansk airfield
– MBDA: MBDA is a European multinational developer and manufacturer of missiles
– Rishi Sunak: ”NATO is where Ukraine belongs”
– GOV.UK: Joint Declaration of Support for Ukraine
– U.S. Department of Defense: Biden Approves Mobilization of Reserves to Support Eucom
– Independent: Sunak seeks reaffirmation on Nato commitment to Ukraine membership
– Russian Embassy comment on UK leadership’s statements at the NATO Summit
– 21st Century Wire: Scott Ritter Investigation: ‘Agent Zelensky’—Part 1