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The Parent/Child bond is under massive concerted attack by powerful forces, including national and international bureaucracies.

The parent/child relationship has been at the heart of human culture since before the beginning of civilization and is widely understood as a sacred bond, protected in law and by tradition. Based in the biological imperative to protect the young through their maturational cycle to maturity, since human society has gone beyond simple biology into culture, law and education, the imperatives of that biological need have been translated into cultural, legal, social and educational rights and responsibilities in every known human society.

International forces, including those who would redefine the core meanings of “human” and “humanity” have a vested and active interest in modifying or destroying that relationship, replacing the parent with the State and abolishing both the rights and the responsibilities of every parent on the planet with a secretive, arbitrarily defined and implemented pseudo-family through education and propaganda made toxic by this replacement agenda.

Following the WHO/UNESCO/UN’s International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education’, which urges and normalizes its  “Comprehensive Sexualization Education curriculum, which starts at birth, various ‘progressive’ jurisdictions around the world are adopting laws and regulations authorizing minors to engage in various activities, such as ‘gender-affirming’ (sic) medical “treatment” (sic), vaccination, contraceptive use and treatments, including abortion, without parental consent or approval

Local and national laws and rules that bar parents from deciding, or even knowing, whether their child is being sexualized, transgendered, having an abortion or being vaccinated completely abolish parental authority, but not parental responsibility. Without authority to guide, protect or intervene, parents are left holding the proverbial bag when their children act on the advice and authority of others, leading to life-endangering, life-destroying or life-ending outcomes.

The parent remains legally and financially responsible for the inevitable injuries bound to occur when the child is subjected to vaccination, abortion or ‘gender affirming therapies’ (and more, as the replacement of parental rights grows ever more pervasive) even without parental knowledge, input or consent.

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