Dirty Bomb Attack Articles Have Already Been Written by British Press Blaming Russia

John Pilger was right. The killing fields of Ukraine are the setting of an even greater war, one of propaganda. It is quite extraordinary how so much of what we read in the UK press originates from a U.S.-funded propaganda bureau in Kiev so much so that it has become the norm for an event to be ‘reported’ based on what President Zelensky just merely says.

The contrast and hypocrisy are stunning. Consider the moronic ramblings of CNN reporters from all over the world asked to take us through the events of the so-called “attempted coup d’état.” They were based in the U.S., London and — of course — Ukraine, in the case of the dim-witted Ben Wedeman. All of them in chorus talking of Putin “on the edge” or staring “the abyss in the eye” but not one of them able to say “according to my sources” or “from people I’m speaking to in Russia”. No. That would be too close to a bygone era of reporting which left us long ago. All we have now is overweight buffoons like our Ben — who, despite being an Arabic speaker was so poor in Lebanon that he managed to falsely report the country’s debt as “mostly foreign” — who only “report” Russia though a Ukrainian prism which was probably written for him. This is how bad western media is. To be a journalist these days, you need two poignant skills. One, to have a great memory for the narrative that you have to replicate. And two, to have an almost morbid fear of nuance or detail. These CNN reporters were basically clueless and just made it up as they went along. They were, like most of us, nothing more than spectators, drowning in their own bigotry and blinded dogma.

Will it be these same morally bankrupt cretins, who will not even miss a heartbeat when a nuclear attack is made on a power station in Ukraine and they attribute it entirely to Russia? Of course, it will. Logically, they must follow through with their treacherous dark trade. They have been preparing their readers for this, as long back as the Novaya Kakhovka attack just weeks ago, where they weaved into the call-centre journalism copy warnings that there would soon be an attack on a nuclear power plant by the Russians!

Did those journalists who wrote this garbage do it out of sense of loyalty or patriotism to a western ideal? Or because they needed to chalk up some points to whoever fed them the line in the first place? These journalists will be the ones who will have blood on their hands though, if Zelensky goes ahead with the false flag attack as the Ukrainian president would only do so with the confidence that most, if not all, of western media will report it — falsely — to make it look like Russia was culpable.

To think that you don’t have to look too hard to see this new generation of idiocy which has taken over all newsrooms when it comes to reporting on Ukraine. There is no reporting actually. It is entirely one editorialization littered with twisted facts, half-truths and plain lies which do not follow the normal rules. Ukraine rules are difference. Ukraine rules state that all journalistic rules are abandoned in preference for a narrative which paints a poor image of the Russians and a romanticised fatalistic picture of the Ukrainians. And this is done meticulously even with a backdrop of more and more stories creeping into the fringe online press of Zelensky’s cabal buying even more villas in Switzerland and blanket denials of all archived reports, before February 2022, of the country being the “most corrupt country in Europe” with more recently even a British minister admitting that some of the heavy weapons sent to Ukraine don’t actually make it there.

Just recently an epic piece of this shoddy farcical journalism was presented by the Independent which took up vast amounts of column inches attempting to present someone’s idea — just an idea — that Putin was using a double in public events. Halfway through this tome, even the journalist had to admit that it “seemed” possible — surprise! surprise! — to the so-called expert in Kiev that “Putin is using body doubles”. Seemed possible.

This laughable newspaper screams the headline “The Putin body double and health rumours that won’t go away” without a trace of irony that the reason why the churlish rumour won’t go away is that we keep repeating it in our excuse of a newspaper.

Imagine if every time you entered the lift of your apartment building that you asked your neighbours “have you heard the rumours about the woman in number 42?” which was in fact your ex-wife who you were divorcing. At some point even the most stupid neighbour is going to reply “No! It is only you who keeps spreading them!”

The state of British journalism is so bad now that most hacks just find writing total fiction about Russia and the Ukraine war so much preferable to actually doing anything which resembles journalism. So, when the attack on a nuclear power plant comes and they don’t miss a minute blaming Putin, they will be accomplices to the war, the human rights atrocities, the civilian deaths as the greater public has no intent or desire to hold such vagabonds to account for their dark work. It’s so bad and the apathy so advanced that people can’t even be bothered to mock the ludicrous John Sweeney who constantly predicts Putin’s downfall and is time after time wrong about so many things that is makes you beg the question how did this man ever work as a journalist when he is so demonstrably stupid and gets almost everything he does wrong?

For the past year, Sweeney has repeatedly predicted Putin’s downfall and the Russian army being destroyed by the Ukrainians as he constantly plugs his book about Putin. British journalism’s death was championed and led by titheads like Sweeney. Just wait for his latest predictions. It will all be very entertaining but sadly it will be Sweeney and others who will state, with furrowed brow, how Putin did this nuclear power station attack. They will not offer proof. And they won’t be asked for it. Welcome to the British press. What a disgrace.


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