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Debate to be Held on Great Net Zero in Glastonbury Town Hall 7 July 7:45 – Sandi Adams

Has taken considerable effort to persuade a few town councillors to participate; mayor has only agreed to speak pro net zero but not remain for debate at this point. Representatives of other towns planning to attend and hope to use as a model for doing the same in their communities. Sandi points out that this is grounds up participation vs top down. Elites are using ground up so we must also. ( Sandi speaking in extra time ).


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Sources: www.ukcolumn.org/video/uk-column-news-30th-june-2023
– The Great Net Zero Debate – 7 July 2023, 17:45, Glastonbury Town Hall
– Video of Sandi speaking at Glastonbury Town Council Meeting, 14 March 2023
– UK Column interview with Sandi Adams: Agenda 2030 — Part 1





One Response to “Debate to be Held on Great Net Zero in Glastonbury Town Hall 7 July 7:45 – Sandi Adams”

  1. Chris x says:

    The consequences of the netzero fantasy are approaching and it will not be nice.

    “The National Grid on Wednesday said it had ended talks with the two companies about keeping open West Burton A, in Nottinghamshire, and two coal-fired units at Drax’s plant in Selby, Yorkshire, after they made clear that the sites would not be available. Last winter, the companies were paid to keep these coal units on standby as a final resort to keep the lights on if gas and renewable energy generation ran low.”