David Cole, a Jew, explores Auschwitz and debunks the claims that it was an industrial death camp – still on youtube for now but as more countries outlaw questioning the “holocaust”, it is uploaded here in case it is removed to censor inconvenient evidence.

A Personal Note:
I don’t like Hitler or the Nazis… any of it.
I don’t like Authority apart from the Authority of knowledge.
I want a peaceful world.
Sadly the Governments conspire against their own people as they wage war against us.
What I hate most of all are lies.
And I recommend everyone who speaks Truth to power.
This Documentary exposes lies.
I am up for that.
Any Lie must be exposed.
As such I post this Documentary for educational purpose.

As I see it the Governments act Illegally by trying to take our Freedom away.
They associate with the WEF which is lead by Klaus Schwab who is IMO a stern Nazi as was his Father.
My Freedom is not for sale.


Also what most people don’t know is that Auschwitz had their very own swimming pool.
When I found out about this I wondered…
Why would the Nazis build a swimming pool in a extermination camp?


Also… and this is important…
The Digital ID by the WEF Governments is the exact technology that was used by IBM in Auschwitz.

This exact Technology is nothing but a modern Version of the technology used in the Concentration Camps of Auschwitz. This Technology was invented by Herman Hollerith of IBM as an Identification based Database for the NAZIS to categorize Prisoners in Auschwitz. The Tattoo then is the Digital ID / Tattoo / chip linked to a Database of everything. The principle Technology is Identical.

I oppose this with all my might.
And I put a petition up against it here.


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  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Thanks for this reminder about David Cole, Fritz. That vid was an important part of my education about WW2. After I first viewed it then I was fairly sure that the official story of the holo was not true. Cole nails it by asking simple questions

    I agree with everything that you say in your post too. It’s the lies that I hate most as well

    These lunatics invert everything. So much so that my default mode is now that they are probably lying every time they say anything. I want real evidence that they are not lying before I believe anything that they do say

  2. FritzFreud says:

    I sign that.
    Yes the subject is tricky but the evidence is self evident.
    And yes their purpose is to confuse people and then make them choose sites, punishing both sites.
    One of the things stuck was that Zyclon B was invented by Fritz Faber… a Jew in WW1.
    These people tsunami us with so much unnecessary information that most people don’t have the heads to sort out the crooks from the crop.
    It is your right to demand evidence… everyone should.
    A wise man once said: “I will not die for what I believe in because I might be wrong”.
    Thank you.

  3. Belyi says:

    This film really impressed me the first time I watched it.

    As it happens, I’m in hospital at the moment and for 24 hours I had a neighbour, a lady of my own age, who was German. We had amazing conversations and fortunately one of her sons shares my views, so I hope she was well and truly red-pilled.

    • FritzFreud says:

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
      Germans to this day make the same mistake again.. They trust their Government.
      And the Government or Police for that matter can never be trusted.
      Slowly but surely we peel back the layers of Misinformation to come to the one Truth… everything is a Lie.
      There are no Nations.
      There are no Laws.
      And we are Free.
      But to be free people must take up responsibility and learn to listen to their heart.
      It takes courage to do so and self discipline.
      And most people gave that away accepting they are slaves.

      • newensign says:

        I agree Fritz, but I would say that the Germans don’t have their own government (mind controllers) only an allied occupation government pretending to be German! Thanks for posting the YouTube.

        • FritzFreud says:

          Germany is not a free country…
          Germany legally to this day is still an occupied country.